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September 08, 2010

Proposed town homes in S.W. Roch. = Hot meeting

Here's some from a piece I have in today's paper on a proposed housing development in southwest Rochester.

Many homeowners in Fox Croft and 23rd Avenue neighborhoods learned about it for the first time at a meeting last night.

This issue has many interesting technical points of discussion. However, this is just a general introduction to the project and to the homeowners' early concerns.

Expect more details as the issue moves through official channels to Planning and Zoning and eventually the Rochester City Council.

Tempers flared as about 25 to 30 concerned neighbors showed up Tuesday evening with questions about a proposed townhouse development in southwest Rochester.

Orchard Hills Villas, a proposed "fill-in" housing development near the Rochester Golf & Country Club, would add 34 townhomes in between the high-end southwest neighborhoods along 23rd Avenue Southwest and Fox Chase Road.

It would use a road that's now partly vacated, Gates Drive, as the core of the project.

The plan was described by one homeowner as "trying to squeeze an elephant into an ant hole," and many neighbors said they were worried about increased traffic, during the meeting at the Meadow Lakes course club house.

Others were concerned about how the addition of townhouses to the area could decrease the value of their homes, many of which are in the $500,000 range.

Orchard Hills Villas is the brainchild of Rochester developer Michael J. Younge.

Younge, who lives in the area planned for Orchard Hills Villas, developed many of the nearby neighborhoods and sold lots to many of the concerned homeowners at the meeting.

Geoffrey Griffin and Mark Welch of G-Cubed, the engineering firm that put together the plan, explained that the proposal calls for 12 single-family or "detached" townhomes and 22 duplex or "attached" townhomes

Griffin estimated the prices of the 12 single townhomes in the upper part of the project would start at $400,000, and prices of the 22 townhome duplexes on the lower tier would begin at $300,000. The two parts would be separated by a wooded area.


Just another example of "Not in our town!" Remember that slogan, it makes me sick.....
Nut up Gates folks... Your nanny's are the only folks that will have to deal with the 300-400k townhome underclass dwellers... By the way, when the first dirt is moved they will be lucky to sell these at 200-250k....

While I have no problems with the proposed project itself, including the location, I fail to see the feasibility of the project. The Meadow Lakes "patio homes" or detached townhomes as they're calling them here, are just around the corner and have not sold very well at similar asking prices.

Homes, especially "upscale" townhomes, have been selling terribly for years. That said a lot of the objections seem to be "we don't want any of those $300k riff raff in our $500k neighborhood!" Sad, just sad.

Here's a radical idea: Maybe these rich snobs should have purchased this land if they didn't want anyone else to live there.

$300 to 400K townhome-tell me are these going to sell? you cant even sell the cheap homes these days with the economy.

I live by one of these "upscale" townhome was promoted as being "really nice." It is not. Under-maintained and overpriced is what they are. "on paper" and what is actually built and whomever moves in are two different things...

Fight this!!!

Actually Jon, you are wrong about the Meadow Lakes area. Those townhomes/patio homes are selling fast. They put a model up and before they finish it, it sells. That is the one area in town that is actually doing well. The builder is a very well known and reputable builder. He wouldn't put one up if he has another one sitting empty. From what I found, there are about 50 units and most of them are occupied. In 4 years, I think that is pretty good. I do agree that they shouldn't build this new development since there are plenty others but look at who the developers are!

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