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September 27, 2010

CineMagic CEO: Biz as usual, despite bankruptcy

CinemagicThe CEO of CineMagic says Rochester and Austin moviegoers should not see any impact from the company's recent filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

  "We certainly don't anticipate any changes in Rochester and Austin. It is business as usual," says Steve Tripp, CEO and president of Midwest Theatres Corp., which owns and operates nine Cinemagic Theaters in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

It owns two in Rochester, including the Chateau Theater that it purchased from developer Gus Chafoulias in 2006.

"This is a reorganization of the company in reference to another theater location," he says.

Midwest Theatres filed for bankruptcy on Sept. 14 after a bank began foreclosure proceedings on its St. Michael, Minn., movie theater. The bankruptcy filing lists the company as having $10.7 million in debt and $9.4 million in assets.


Wonder if this might have something to do with it: My grandson and I went to the "Owl" movie at the Chateau Saturday afternoon. We went early to beat the crowds--ha! There at most 10 of us in the theater. (BTW, the movie was good, but pretty intense for a kids' film).

It's not cheap to go to the movies anymore, $40 for the 4 of us as a family with popcorn and stuff, its fun and all but thats why we dont go much.

Yeah, when you are watching your money it is cheaper to rent one out of a machine for a buck and buy microwave popcorn.

Does it bother anyone else that theatres are starting to show actual TV commercials instead of previews? For me it totally blows the movie going experience. Just a matter of time before they start interupting the movie for them, or putting that little (or not so little these days) tag at the bottom of the screen. Sorry, pet peeve of mine. I think I'll go yell at some kids to get off my lawn now.

Yea it does-just like the stupid little pop-up ads on every website you go on including the PB- i just want to browse-not be hounded by advertisenments and the bad thing is you close them and they keep popping up!

Yeah, how dare those websites to actually make a profit with their BUSINESS. They should just spend their own money to make sure we can browse their sites for FREE... sheesh.

The ads have been there for decades. At least they try to make them interesting now.

But, yeah. We don't go to movies as often as we used to either with times being tough. And I'm sure that with the new theater opening in town it had to really cut into business at CineMagic.

@Jennebach - I agree businesses need to advertise, and the web is the one of the best ways to do it. What I hate are the obnoxious ads that serve no other purpose, as far as I can tell, then to make me close my browser immediately. Honestly, do these work on anybody? Does someone close the ad nine times and then on the tenth time say "I like their persistence. Maybe I SHOULD switch my car insurance to these guys."
I also don't like the obvious scam ads, like those that are often featured here on the PB. As I write this there is an ad at the top of the page that says I can buy an iPad for $24.49. Where do I sign?! I have no problems with "legitimate" ads.

My personal favorite is the "Mackbook"... - is it the Macbooks little brother?
I agree that these ads are annoying and sometimes downright aggravating, but it's the price to pay to browse websites for free.
having worked in Marketing and Advertising for a while, I can also tell you that obnoxious ads, be it on the Radio, TV, internet or elsewhere, are a GREAT way to make people dislike your product and/or service. But some businesses would rather have bad publicity than none at all, I guess...

BTW, do you have a pop-up blocker installed? I know it doesn't help with all ads, but can cut down on the annoyance quite a bit.

Pop up blocker dont work on advertisements-the kind that scroll across the screen and say click here to close. The ones that pop up in a new window or tab are different kind of pop up, The pop up blocker usually kills those but were talking the ones that are in the same window that scroll by and bug the hell out of ya.

If you use firefox, try the "adblock plus" plugin. Gets rid of so many ads.

On one hand I feel guilty for using it, as Stephan Jennebach is right, websites need to pay the bills. OTOH, ads have gotten so annoying -- especially the ones that play audio! -- that I can deal with the guilt....

For those who still go to movies, are cell phones still a problem? As my home viewing grew, I found the few movies I went to in the theater were always interrupted by someone on the phone. That sealed the deal for me, so to speak, in not even going anymore. Are people better about that now?

I rarely go to the theater anymore. It's cheaper to rent and buy your own snacks, plus you can watch whatever you want, pause on cue, and there are no audience disturbances.

The quality of movies today is also going downhill. There are few movies that I would pay the extra $ to watch on the big big screen.

Good news on Chateau - looks like new ownership and a new model for biz is on its way to Rochester...

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