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August 16, 2010

Five Guys in Roch. opening at 11 today

Today the meat hits the grill in Rochester's burger vs burger battle.

At 11 a.m., Five Guys Burgers and Fries open the doors in the shopping center along 41st Street Northwest, near Target North.

6a00d83451cc8269e20120a553e0c7970c-250wi This popular national burger chain has been heating up plans for the Med City for a while.

And owner William Humphries, who is the father of former Minnesota Golden Gopher standout and Dallas Maverick NBA player Kris Humphries, says he is gunning to be the best burger in the city.

"We're aiming to knock Newt's off their throne," he told me in mid-July. "The Burger Wars have started in Rochester."

Humphries, who also has restaurants in St. Cloud and Duluth, gets his chance to back up those statements today.

Anyone that gives Five Guys a whirl today, please send me any comments or photos you might have from the experience.


I plan on being there tonight after work with camera in hand. I will be posting my thoughts/pictures on my food blog and

I'd be curious to give them a try. BUt if they're anything like my buddies in DC have remarked, they're more about being a big burger than a good burger.

I just heard on the Today show that 5 Guys was voted best fast-food burger. I am looking forward to giving them a try.

I had lunch there today.........Newt's has nothing to worry about.

Went to Five Guys at 11:30 today. Line was long, but not too bad of a wait. Food was good, burger was huge, tons of fries. Right around $10 for the fully loaded single patty burger, small fries and pop. Maybe the best fast food burger, but they have nothing on Newts.

I agree with all of the comments. The place was decent for a fast food chain. Very busy due to the hype.

Newt's shouldn't have anything to worry about. The only thing this place has on Newt's is a location that is a little more accessible to people that don't work downtown. There is no comparison in the burgers to Newts. Newt's will continue their year after year reign of having the Best Burger in Rochester.

Beer Bellyz has the best burger in town now. It is the bacon cheese bomb. Very very good.

i too agree with everyone, Newts will have nothing to worry about, I had the single with everything and could hardly find the patty of beef , kinda like they were trying to hide it (where is the beef) , and the mountain of fry's are a meal for three (and i had the small) @$2.59ish also kinda like they try to overwhelm ya with fry's but one should never eat that many for lunch dinner or supper so more then half of the fry's went in the trash. probably won't go again...

Typical first-day shortcomings, no doubt. Give this shop a few weeks to get their operation running at full bore and they'll make Newt's look like the third-tier mess it's always been.

Unless of course you're one of the Rochesterites who thinks that Victoria's is good Italian. Then you'll probably stick with Newt's anyway.

Just saw this on MSNBC's website.. Just food for thought.

They were plenty busy at 5PM, a little bit of a wait, but there were some empty tables. They'll get the kinks worked out.

The burgers are like In-and-Out. Thats a compliment. But in the end -- its a burger off of a metal grill. Will go back when I get that craving again.

I stopped in at 5:30 and the line was not bad. Ordered in less than 3 minutes but had to wait about 15 minutes for my burger and fries.

I can say Five Guys hamburgers are slightly better than Culver's but not as great as Newt's. Those are my top 3 in Rochester (that I have tried)...Newt's, Five Guys, and Culvers

The fries are great! They are just like the fresh french fries at the state fair and I will go back when I get a craving for some good, fresh fries.

A nice addition to Rochester, specifically, North Rochester.

My family and I went there for lunch today and it was a wonderful surprise. There was a short wait, but of course, it was opening day! Our food was hot and DELICIOUS! I would recommend to anyone that they check it out!
Way better than Newts. (even for a "fast food" joint)The only thing Newts has on them is that they serve beer. Period.

The burgers here are very, very similar to the burgers you can get at Culver's. We got there right before 5:30 last night, and arrived right before the line got bad. As we ate, the line was almost to the door the entire time, but it did seem to move pretty well. Wait time was about similar to Culver's wait time as well.

There was one quirky opening night thing that was rather funny--my wife ordered a glass of water to drink and was given a choice between regular and large cup. I ordered a glass of water as well and was told that they only had bottled water. There was, however, a water spigot on the drink machine.

I enjoyed the double cheeseburger quite a bit. The burger was huge and the toppings were great. The fries on the otherhand I would pass on. Mine were soggy and limp. Could have used at least 5 more minutes in the fryer. Suppose that's what happens when you are trying to fill so many orders though.
Skipped the $2 soda. Really? $2 for a fountain pop?

Five Guys has earned Zagat bragging rights in the hotly-contested Best Burger category. Maybe we'll give 'em a try...

$10 for a buger,fries & drink? are you kidding me??? thats why i cook at home, i can make alot of burgers for that myself.

Bacon Cheeseburger, Large Fries , and a small coke....$18.45....Big burger....but that is was not worth the wait....service was not good...and you couldn't even taste the bacon...and the cheese tasted like velveeta....and no condiments....over priced...bad service....

I you like great food try Beer Bellyz best burgers out there....

Mike - ya, but how much you going to pay for atmosphere pal? You live by the cheap, you die by the cheap . . .

Just another place for my amorphous blob co-workers to go for their slow death causing artery clogging goodness.

Cheap?-cheap or no cheap we still die, you shouldn't have to pay for astmosphere, im not cheap by the way. like Dan said $18.45 for bacon chessbuger,fries, drink??? is that a misprint? seriously-are they that expensive????

Dan, I hope you bought those fries for a group of people, as they tell you when you go in that a regular fries ($3) will feed about 3 people. I don't know what a large fries would feed--most likely 6 or more. If you buy more food than you possibly need, then I can only fault you for overbuying. We were there and paid $13 for two people. That's an average of a little less than $7/person. Not the cheapest place, but not overly expensive, either.

sorry...$14.85.....but the person taking my order didn't explain sizes....toppings....just wanted my money...and yes..the fries were overwhelming...soggy...and didn't taste good...burger lacked well as the bacon....Burger King is way better....and I don't like Burger King...

I agree with everyone that states that Newts has NOTHING to worry about as far as losing to these "guys" goes. 7pm Tuesday night, extremely busy, but it's a new place so understandable. Waited an HOUR for our food, an hour wasted because I could have went to Culvers and had the same quality burger. Fries, eh..ok, not the best I've had, those are at Snappy Stop. The burgers were fairly large though, which was nice seeing we paid $20 for just 2 burgers and a large fry. Probably won't go back unless I win the lottery and have nothing better to do than wait around and pay $20 for a mediocore burger and soggy fries.

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