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July 26, 2010

Burritos underground downtown

Hungry Rochester lunch-goers have a new choice as they prowl the downtown subway in search of food.

Chico's Burritos, a quick casual Mexican eatery, started spicing up the Kahler Hotel stretch of subway on Thursday.

07232010chicosburritos Chico's launched in the space left vacant by this spring's closure of the smoothies and sandwich shop called Kari-O's.

Kari-O's opened in 2006 as a follow-up to the Robek's fruit smoothie shop that previously mixed things up at that spot.

The folks in charge of Chico's have been pretty busy with the launch of the new place, so I don't have a lot of details yet.

However, long lines on Friday and an early thumbs-up review by Chico's neighbor Jared Jacobs of Counselor Realty seem like a positive start.


I tried this place at lunch today, a couple of observations...
1) It is very similar in style to Chipotle, but with a couple extra options (two kinds of rice, cheese sauce, guacamole on the burrito at no extra charge) and no fajita vegetables.
2) I didn't see how expensive a fountain pop was until I paid... One size (16oz), $1.99. Way too expensive when the next door places are about 30-50 cents less.

The burrito was well portioned, tasty enough and decently priced ($5.99), loved the hot jalapeƱo salsa and will go back again... but just for the burrito.

They seemed a bit slower at lunch today

Ate there today. Same observations as NW Roch. I'll be back too, minus the soda.

Curious who the owners are, anyone know?

I have been a couple of times. The food is good. Didn't realize the price of soda until I ordered it and went 'wow!'. I also won't pay three bucks for chips and salsa. However, they do make a yummy breakfast burrito as well as lunch.

Why do you people nit pick everything on here-who cares who the owners are-if the food is good.

I've ate here a couple times.

The food is decent but not good. Chipotle is better (but not as good as Illegal Pete's!) and doesn't cost anymore.

What is just as annoying is the layout. During lunch you'll cruise in to get your burrito, pay, and then be trapped in the corner as the line fills in behind you and the tables are full.

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