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March 24, 2010

Roch. radio switch - Z-rock doubles up, Classic Hits hit the road

 NEWNEWMastheadlogo Cumulus radio in Rochester is broadcasting Z-Rock on two frequencies –107.7 and 103.9 – as of Tuesday.

That means  Classic Hits KLCX, which has broadcast on 103.9 since 2008, is off the air.KLCX_Logo

And I think it means the national Mancow show now has two places on the Rochester dial to compete with the national Bob & Tom Show.

I'll have more on this change soon.


Great! More crappy mullet music! The Current 89.3 (88.7 in Rochester) is the only good music station on the dial.

@Chadwick I couldn't agree more!

2 stations with same thing?


Personally, I really enjoyed the "old" 103.9. Now it looks like 89.9 will be the one to listen to from here on in.

Given the amount of interference I've heard the few times I listened to 107.7 (while driving in town) I wouldn't be surprised if this is just the first step in moving Z-Rock over to 103.9 permanently and doing something else with 107.7FM.

Listened to this a bit last night and was extremely disappointed. Oh well, guess it opens a spot on my presets.

I will miss my Classic Hits.

Bummer! My friends and I really liked that station.

One less "classic rock" station is fine by me. I used to like this until everyone started doing it. It must be the cheap way to do radio. If I have to hear Peter Frampton sing "You" one more time, grrrrrr.

This is just more evidence that local radio stations need to be locally owned and operated. Local radio requires variety to meet the needs of the entire community and not just targeted demographics.


you need to make money to run any radio station. The "targeted demographics" bring in that money, through frequenting the advertisers on a station. You'll never be able to "meet the needs of the entire community" unless the FCC would give licenses away for free.

Trust me, I absolutely loved KLCX and am very upset that now my favorite station is gone. But I can also understand a business decision such as to reach more listeners and being able to raise more advertising revenue.

About time. I would just as soon play my own collection of CDs as listen to all the other crap in this town when I'm not able to pull in the weak signal of Z-Rock. Thank you Thank you!! Now if warmer weather would only arrive so I can listen to the new signal on my deck with a nice cool adult beverage. :)

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