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March 18, 2010

37th Street Pump N Munch = ...?

03182010subwaypumpmunchplans The plans are in at Rochester Building Safety.

The former BP Pump N Munch gas station at 37th Street N.W. by Arby's and Baker's Square is slated to become a new Subway restaurant.

It looks like this will be a move for the Subway that is a block or two away from the ex-station.

Here are the plans that the owner from Mankato had the folks at Yaggy Colby whip up.

I should have more details on this soon.


Seems like a great move as the other spot had a lot of parking issues as well as drive thru. Two questions: 1) What will happen to the old store? 2) Isn't the street that goes along the east side of the proposal 22nd Ave. N.W., not 21st Ave. N.W.?

It would be nice if Quizno's would move to the soon to be former Subway. A drive-thru window would be nice to have as an option.

Perhaps Quiznos could move over by the old meat shop or burger king

Lando - It would be nice if something happened over there on that abandoned corner... With spring just about here, that means the weeds will start to flourish and the brush will grow making the corner once again look unsightly.

(side note - Lando did my post on Hollywood help you at all with getting buying Blu-Ray titles?)

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