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December 01, 2009

Potbelly Sandwiches Works here?

15623pig The snort in the feedlot is that a Potbelly Sandwich Works is snuffling around Rochester looking for a location, possibly more than one spot.

I'd say a spot next to Beer Bellyz might be good synergy…or maybe not. Heh.


Where is my super mega like button on this one??!?!

glorified subway..

Not even a little bit. The sandwiches are so tasty, they're well worth the extra $$ you pay compared to Subway. If I wanted cold cuts from the deli section of Wal Mart, I would save the money and make my own sandwich at home instead of Subway.

Good luck recreating a 12" cold cut combo at home for $5. Maybe if you count the "per piece" prices, but honestly, who buys three slices of turkey bologna?
I like subway, but ONLY the CCC.

Glorified Subway? Are you kidding me?

Potbelly is much better than Subway.

Potbelly has delicious sandwiches, soups, shakes and malts. They are far better than Subway.

But do they have a five...

five dollar....

five dollar footlong??


I think the real question is. can it last more then a month here. Look at the last Pork sandwhich place lasted. I am sure location could play a part.

Pork sandwich place?

I think Jhaas is referring to Meatheads, maybe?
Location will definitely be important, as will management. I can see them maybe taking a spot near the mall, all the Potbellies I have seen have been in large stores. Perhaps they would make over a portion of the Macaroni Grill building...just a thought!!! (or maybe wishful thinking!!!) Although, I think downtown would be delightful, for purely selfish reasons, though with JJ's, Subway, Quizno's and Erb and Gerbs I'm not sure if it would be that good of an area...

Isn't Red Lobster taking over the Macaroni Grill location next spring?

I do enjoy Potbelly's - they have one in Eagan - and would love a couple locations in Rochester.

Not only are the subs great at Potbelly...the malts and shakes are to die for! Potbelly is way better than subway....and I am not sure why people are thinking it is a pork place...maybe the pig picture?

Never heard of them but i guarante if we get one there will be people complaining how awful they are or the service was bad, ive come to the conclusion people are never happy with whatever we get here in town!

Speaking of Potbelly's I hear Jon Eckoff who sold out Ventures is the new Downtown Grand Pooba

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