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October 15, 2009

KTTC's Watson to run more stations

Following a promotion this week, Jerry Watson, the leader of Rochester’s KTTC-TV, is now in charge of six stations in four states.

Jerry Watson
Watson was named a regional vice president Monday by the Illinois-based Quincy Newspapers, Inc., which owns KTTC. QNI is a family owned media organization. The Oakley family organization owns 12 TV stations, two newspapers and two radio stations, while also operating KXLT-TV, the Fox affiliate in Rochester, under a joint sales and share services agreement.

That means in addition to his previous duties as vice president and general manager of KTTC as well as KTIV in Sioux City, Iowa, he now has oversight of NBC affiliates in Waterloo, Iowa; Bluefield, W. Va., and the Illinois stations in Quincy and Rockford.

He now has between 350 to 450 employees under his management.

Watson said he chose to remain based in Rochester. His Rochester base also reflects how the station has grown to be more prominent within the Quincy company.

“We’ve attracted some of the top technical talent for the whole company,” Watson says.

That means a lot of the technical control for the stations in the region is based here.

He has worked at KTTC for 20 years. His promotion is notable, because this places him as one of the top executives who is not a member of the Oakley family, Watson said.

Watson’s new duties will mean spending more time on the road.

“That means I’ll rely more on station manager Liz Dahlen than ever before,” he said. “When I’m not here, she is the ranking manager on site.”


I find it somewhat hilarious that he can run more and more stations, yet he still feels obligated to keep KARE out of Rochester due to "competition." I'll give him that KAAL and KIMT have no chance to compete with KTTC, but it seems like less and less of a coincidence they are not broadcast here. If he is so confident in his "talent," let KARE back in town and see what happens. Especially notable have been evenings where Jimmy Stewart or Swaggert have pre-empted regularly-scheduled programming (I know, it was during reruns, but isn't NBC's motto "If you haven't seen it, it's new to you!" or something like that?).

KTTC is unwatchable. That's why Watson keeps KARE 11 frozen out.

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