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October 26, 2009

AWD Cars + ex-Mill's Fleet Farm

Here's the follow-up to the tease about a used car dealership in south Rochester from a while back:

Building Front After Friday’s slippery snowstorm, Fran Fox feels he is steering his Rochester auto sales lot in the right direction.

Fox is revving up a used vehicle dealership called AWD Cars to open in a new auto mall project being developed in part of the former Mill’s Fleet Farm building along south U.S. 63.

AWD stands for All-Wheel Drive, which is the only type of late model cars and trucks it will sell.

“I felt like I needed a niche. With all of the snow and ice around here, I always see people sliding around in it,” said Fox, before Friday’s 4-inch snowfall in Rochester. “It think it is important. I firmly believe Minnesota winters mandate AWD or four-wheel drive.”

He plans on having the first vehicles on the lot this week with plans to ramp up the inventory throughout the winter.

Car bays -North Side of Bldg AWD is located in the north end of the former Fleet Farm. Tom Hexum of Hexum Cos. is developing that section of the complex into an auto mart to house a variety of vehicle-related businesses.

Fox, who owns Pine Island Auto Glass in Pine Island, plans to have a major online presence for his new business that will include “virtual” test drives on the Web.

He plans on driving vehicles with a camera in the back seat recording while he comments on the vehicle’s features.

“We will be Tweeting, blogging, chatting and Facebooking away,” he says.


I just hope he's going to actually TEACH the folks he buys these cars from how to safely USE awd/4wd, and what it's real world limitations are. There were plenty of awd and 4wd vehicles in the ditch last weekend because idiots who didn't know any better thought "Oh, I have 4wd now, no problems!" and drove like normal... until they hit the first patch of ice and learned the hard reality of 4 wheel drive times zero traction on ice equals zero control.

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