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September 23, 2009

Olmsted Med. Center + demolition = ?


I've been hearing Olmsted Medical Center has a new project in the works in Rochester for a little while.


However, I have not gotten around to checking it out yet. Really, it is on my list, but I just haven't done the checking yet.

Well, while I've been off doing whatever I do all day (sometimes I don't even know. Heh.), OMC has started knocking a building down at 915 Third Ave. S.E., just off OMC's side parking lot.

Last night, I swung by there and snapped a couple pics before it got too dark.

Hopefully today, I'll come up with details on what OMC has up their sleeve for that spot.


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I thought I heard a couple years ago that they were going to update/upgrade and make the birthing center larger. Maybe that is what is going on there.

I doubt if that is the case here Penguin since this is across from K-Mart and not at the main hospital location.

Maybe they should see about developing a more conducive location on the KMart site? I can just see it now...

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