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August 17, 2009

Is there meat to Five Guys buzz? Or is it bull?

Is more beef coming to Rochester or is the buzz just bull?

The word out and about is that Five Guys Burgers and Fries is heating up a search for a spot - or might already have one -  in the Med City.

Five_guysx-large If you don’t know about them, Five Guys started out in Arlington, Virgina in 1986. It quickly developed a cult-like fan base. Think of people who sing the praises of Newt’s or White Castle and you’ll get the picture.

In fact, the Obamas are known to be Five Guys fans. Don’t worry partisan wonks, this is not political. Founder and owner Jack Murrell  makes it clear he voted GOP.

While I haven’t heard back from Five Guys yet, it does smell like a deal is cooking,

A well-known Minnesota sports family - NBA player Kris Humphries and his parents, William and Debra – bought the St. Cloud Five Guys earlier this month.

They own the rights to open more Five Guys in Minnesota as long as they are outside the Twin Cities.

Each restaurant costs  about $350,000 to $500,000 to build and generates about $1 million a year, says Five Guys.


Wouldn't they look good in the old BP station on Civic Center Dr. and 16th Ave?

OK, said this before, why so pumped about another chain? Does this mean that there is a $1M excess in the hamburger budget in Rochester, no, it will shift from other existing businesses, such as Newts? I prefer doing business with locals, even locally owned chains, think McDonalds, give more back to the community then this guy ever will.

OK, so it is better to leave real estate dormant then to have some new and different type of restaurant in town? Maybe local entrepreneurs don't have the type of money to open a new business which requires money from out of town.

You getting a little tired of the "local" bigotry on this board.

The "locals" keep closing!

Don't forget the local restaurant "The Ranch" became the CHAIN Whiskey Creek...

I used to live where we had 5 Guys, and honestly I'd much faster go there than McDonalds, BK, etc. (I used to go 1-2x per week, but haven't gone to the others in 7 years+). They do fresh fries and made to order burgers. I think this would be a good thing for us, just step back and look at the potential of something between fast food and Newts and there is definitly a place for it that won't kill our locals.

I think this would be more like competition for Culvers than BK or McD's. I agree with Scott though - put it in the old BP spot on Civic.

Lando- Whiskey Creek is STILL locally owned by the same folks who owned The Ranch. A franchise is much different than a 'chain'. Culvers, Perkins, Whiskey Creek- all locally owned franchises. Others like Bakers Square are a chain.

Did anyone else read this?

I can't beleive how many rochester bars and restaurants are on the list! Shushi itto and gorilla's made the list!

Sounds like something different....bring it in. If you spend any time in Mankato, La Crosse, or Sioux Falls, Rochester's resturant options (all food types) seem pretty limited.

Whisky creek is a chain-chains can be locally owned.

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