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August 12, 2009

Another pet waste clean-up biz with a clever name?

Pooper-scooper-barbie-doll Remember the sensation Turd Herders created when appeared on the Rochester backyard scene to pick up a chunk of the pet waste clean-up market?

The biz name itself brought a pack of attention top the small business. 

And now, it appears, similar operation is being extruded into the Med City market:

Doody Callz


Doody Callz.

I should have more on this down and dirty biz as soon as I can speak with the operator/ owner.


Nice name, but Turd Herders just posted on their twitter account that they will beat any competitors price.

I use Turd Herders & I would definitely recommend their services. Even their name: Turd Herders! PUH-LEASE! It doesn't get any better than that!

give them my neighbor's address

Is there a risk of this market becoming...saturated? ;-)

Don't think it is going to get saturated any time soon. There are approximately 16000 dog owners in Rochester. The more the better I would think the prices might come down a bit. Overall a great idea :)

I love it! My colleague and I prepared a business plan about a year ago for a pet waste disposal business. We never moved forward as the numbers didn't quite add up where we wanted them too. I wish these businesses the best of luck, please start offering Litter Box Exchange services!

Im pretty sure he does offer that it is not just limited to dogs. Try shooting him a email at and you would be very surprised on what other services he offers.

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