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July 10, 2009

The skinny on Skin Lab

New Rochester business owner Brian Robson and his staff like to needle their customers… which is exactly why their clients go to them in the first place.


Robson opened Skin Lab Piercing & Tattoo at 1117 Seventh St. N.W., across from Northgate Health Club.

I popped into Skin Lab this afternoon and found the place to be very professional and comfortable.

No demons or naked women painted on the walls, which instead sport a conservation color scheme.

The big leather chairs at the two work stations remind me of a high-end hair salon. More of clinical feel to the place.

E, one of the artists, told me that the shop strives to be, "Mom-friendly."


"E, one of the artists, told me that the shop strives to be, "Mom-friendly."

E...??? Really? Is that a typo, Jeff, or does he or she really go by that "name"...:)

YES, he does go by the name "E" and he is very good at his work for your information! It's about time Rochester gets a tattoo shop that has class and doesn't look all dirty when you walk in. Nice job!

Yup great shop and very clean. Guys know what they are doing and not your out of the house tattoo artists... They will have a myspace and facebook today so look them up... shop phone number 507-208-4465

awesomecleanshop-Got a screen name for there facebook site so I can check them out? About time there was a nice shop for those of us who are intersted in a clean, hygenic atomsphere without a drive to the Cities.

Sorry for the delay. Site is still a work in progress but a start. and

Are you joking? A tattoo shop with class? Is that possible? Thank you for giving me a good laugh with my morning coffee... Btw did the owner of the shop really just make those last four comments and try to make it sound like someone was actually intersted in his shop? Nice try...

Nice Barry. I'm glad you have time to sit and read the paper online and bash new business owners and an industry that you probably know nothing about. Did you ever think that maybe the employees at this shop have an interest and may want to post updates about the shop in addition to the owner? They probably have a stake in it's success as well. At least the owner is making an effort to be successful as opposed to doing nothing. My guess is that you also probably are the first to bash the way the economy is being handled, but what are you doing about that? This is a small business that is starting in a time when most small businesses are failing, and even making this effort is noble in my opinion. What are you doing to create jobs?

Skippy- I employ over twenty people in the rochester area... How about you?

how about you people with a negitive attitude who have nothing better to do than to always make sour comments get a life!

so a new tattoo shop opened up, great, more ppl that dont know what they are doing, actually it's just a few ppl from Viva Tattoo going out on their own, doesn't mean they know what they are doing. Already, they have broken the law and tattooed underage kids WITHOUT parental consent. How wrong is that!!!!!! Anyone under the age of 18 CANNOT get a tattoo just because they walk into a shop and SAY they are old enough. These guys are only tattoing for money, any way they can get it, and they don't give a crap about the customer that is paying them. If they had any sense, they would shut down now before they have charges brought against them. HEY PEOPLE!!!! These are not new artists, they come from a shop in town that disobeys the law so they can make money. They do this by tattooing and peircing underage kids so they can make a quick buck. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOU'RE BUSINESS!!! There are 2 other shops in town that obey the law. Check to see if you're tattoo artist is even insured, if they are, they take their work very seriously, and know, that the work the offer is worth the price!!

I'm scared of needles so tattoos are not in my future. However; I really appreciate tattoos4life comment to find out if the artist is insured. Thanks for sharing the tip.

It’s beautiful outside. For those who are bashing- ya all need to get a life. It’s a new shop yeah big deal. Maybe it will be run better than the other shops in town- maybe not. Truthfully the shop is only been around what 2-3 weeks tops how do you truthfully already know “these guys are only tattooing for money, any way they can get it, and they don't give a crap about the customer that is paying them”. If they left Viva it doesn't mean they took that work ethic to the new shop. They are not doing piercing and tattoos out of some basement or in some van- so they must be doing something right or at least making an effort. Looking at the pages they have some decent work. The shop pictures of the inside are open and clean and not so intimidating. Maybe instead of bashing them check it out since your all about "tattoos4life".

As far as tattooing a minor already, rumors start and spread quickly in this town especially when it could be a threat to an old business. Heck for all we know you could be an owner of another shop in town and using this to "hurt" them already. If it is true- I can 100% guarantee the other shops in town (you say there are two but I thought we had 3 + Viva) have pierced and tattooed minors, I could give you names and phone numbers of the families. The best point you made was checking that the business has insurance. But who knows they could have it already, and if they do I bet they are one step ahead some other businesses in town, and again just because they came from another shop doesn’t mean it will be ran like the other shop.

If you’re going to hate when you haven't even checked it out why don't you keep it to yourself. Instead you’re bashing a new business that no one truly knows anything about yet.

Again, I'm not sticking up for anyone I don’t even get tattoos in town. Every tattoo shop out there (and really any business) will have people who don't like them. Some of the best shops out there will have customers that were unhappy. It’s part of the tattoo industry. But these guys haven't even been around that long to have anyone REALLY know the work ethic and the rep this place will have.

I’m done giving my opinion. I'm hoping for another beautiful day so I’m going to enjoy it instead of wasting time on here. Tattoos4life maybe you should as well.

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