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June 14, 2009

The Mark of Z in S.W. Roch.

Here's a tidbit to keep an eye on:


• This week’s buzz is heavy on the Zzzzs.

Look for a flavorful local business to make its mark on southwest Rochester soon, just like a masked hero with a sword.

And to add to this recipe the opportunity for bringing back spice and vitality to a spot previously known as being green. That was before it blackened and withered away.


The only thing I can think of is zPizza. I'm probably wrong huh?

Let's see, "previously known as being green. That was before it blackened and withered away." Someone is moving into the old Avocado's spot? Avocado start green, then get black as then ripen?

For the food, will it be Greek?

I don't think I'm very good at puzzles...

It has to be avacoados. OK well it doesn't have to be but I think Jeffrey's right.

I don't think I could have mispelled that word any worse if I tried. Avocado. There. I feel better.

Local & "flavorful" ????? Zorba's?

Good point about Zorbas. Wouldn't it be awesome if they were moving downtown??

So what Jeff is getting at is...maybe Zorbas (or something) going near downtown(?) in a place that either got burnt down or was old or something????

Or he could just be alluding to something on their menu as being blackened ;-)

Maybe the Zubays are going to open something fun there.

Zubay is starting a pizza place right??? maybe they will be in avacados? ...but it would make more sense for it to be downtown...what was once green and then blackened downtown...hmmmm...k just tell us already

Just tell you? Where's the fun in that? Heh.

This will be answered - hopefully in depth - in Thursday's column.

If I get industrious, I might get some of the info on here late this afternoon.


They are opening that pizza place near IBM...

Thanks Mike R!
They should get a big crowd there.

Good thing it's not in the same area as the panera/chipotle/applebee's and is instead near caribou/noodle's. That thing is horrible, mostly because half the drivers here are too afraid to take any "chances." I formally complained to the city 2.5 years ago, but nothing has happened there yet.

I'll throw in a guess that it'll be perhaps Zorba's or maybe Zadeos with another location going in the building that is attached to the new Walgreen's. It used to be O'Reilly's there - hence the green and there was a fire there - hence the blackened and withered part.

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