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June 22, 2009

New Roch. biz - Turd Herders - digs in

When Josh Valentino was trying to round up a business plan, he smelled success in Rochester’s backyards. 


And the name for this new Rochester-based, waste management operation is? Turd Herders.

Yes, he plans to clean up pet waste.

“I just wanted to work on my own and was looking for a low-cost, start-up,” he says. 

Turd Herders gives this one-man operation a chance to dig in and build from the ground up.

“I think Rochester is kind of an untapped market,” he said.

For social networkers who admire his intestinal fortitude, check out his Facebook page as well as his Twitter posts for the real poop.


While I personally wouldn't pay someone to clean up my dog's business, I do enjoy the clever name.

Kind of a crappy job, but someone's gotta doo it...heh...:)

Let's see how many puns we can get out of this one, everybody!

Interesting business, sure sounds like a service that might market towards the busy proffessional and others with physical limitations who still like to enjoy the companionship of a dog without all the work.

I think this idea a success, that is. Neighborhood Associations, take note! Add a bit to the Association fee for those pet owners and hire this business! And really, who's sick of the spring stench in the hood. Let's keep it clean all winter!

Many people already don't pick it up - leaving it to those without dogs - they are going to pay someone?

Can I have him come and clean up after the neighbor's dog, and bill the neighbor?

Isn't there a city ordinance on pet excrement and how long it can sit? If not there should be, and maybe the fine would be to hire a business like this for a year?

HA HA HA!!!! I'm laughing so hard and I'm sure this guy might be able to laugh all the way to the bank! How clever! And the award for ingenuity goes to...

Brilliant!! I don't like mowing the yard. What I like less is picking up turds from a dog! If so many lawn care services can make it, i'm sure there is a great market out there for this service.

Jeff, nice scoop..

I would definitely use this service-especially for a seasonal cleanup in the spring...


Actually, there are (or have been) several similar businesses in Rochester, but none of them seem willing/able to market themselves properly.

website found

Great Name, even better business idea Who wouldn't pay someone to clean up what there dog left behind? I sure would. I like the name and logo so much I ordered a T Shirt!

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