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June 01, 2009

Country Club Manor ex-Pump and Munch = Andy's Liquor?

So Andy Chafoulias is wrapping up the purchase of the former BP Pump and Munch at 82 36th Ave. N.W. at the entrance to Rochester's Country Club Manor neighborhood.
The buzz for a while now has been that it will become an Andy's Liquor store. A liquor license request for Andy's Liquor Express is pending in front of the Roch. City Council tonight for that location. The request says the store could open by July 1.

However, don't pop the cork yet. Titan Ventures (formerly Chafoulias Cos.) is just preparing options, said Titan Controller Jamie Radke this morning

He says that opening a smaller, express version of an Andy's store is certainly a leading possibility, but he prefers to remain cautious until everything is finalized.

When I talked to Radke back on May 21 on the same topic, this is what he said:

"When it is finalized, he will be exploring several retail options for the location, including a fourth family liquor store location. Nothing is set in stone right now," he said. "Andy is interested in growing business in the Rochester area and this is one of the options. Stay tuned."
Liquorlicenserequest Andys
You can count on that.

By the way, the word is that the tanks are being pulled from the 37th Street BP Pump and Munch today. So breaking with the Black Wednesday tradition, it appears this Munch closed on a Monday.

That leaves one still pumping - South Broadway and 16th Street.


Just what we need. Another liquor store.

Seems like the only things opening these days are bars and liquor stores.

Oh yeah, great place for it. In a residential area. A gas station was the best thing but a liquor store? Come on why not something family oriented.

Another BP Closed yesterday morning... the one by Arby's and Baker's square off of 52 at the 37th St Exit. Went past as they were draining the tanks and Rochester Asphalt was waiting at 8.

That would have been a good spot for a third walgreens, or a CVS.

People depressed about the economy and it's a lot cheaper to buy alcohol and drink at home these days! I can see bars and liquor stores doing very well during this time. It's what people turn to when things get rough.

Or a White Castle. (Sorry.)

I might be the only one excited about this. Less distance to drive- or walk!


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