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May 14, 2009

Change coming to Lewiston?

The buzz is that change is on the way for a business in Lewiston.

I'm checking this out, but it could be nothing. Or it could be something.

I guess we'll find out.


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It's official. The announcement was made in their weekly special flyer yesterday. Wiens Food Center, the only grocery store in Lewiston, is closing its doors on June 20th. The hardware store will be moving to the location, so the building won't sit empty. I'm just sad that there will not be a grocery store in town anymore. Kwik Trip is hardly a place to do major grocery shopping! So off to Winona or St. Charles for groceries now. So sad to take the $$ out of town, but there's no choice. Wish a deal could have been worked out for another buyer to come and keep the store open. (Anybody want to build a new one? Fareway? Are you listening??)Good luck to the Wiens! I'll certainly miss you!

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