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April 16, 2009

Mysterious crunch of Roch. Pump and Munches

I have not been able to get in contact with the owners of the Rochester BP Pump and Munch gas stations, but the rumors are flowing like a wide open gas nozzle.

At this point, the Pump and Munch stations on East U.S. 14 and West Circle Drive Northwest are closed and demo crews are on site, if they have not already finished up.

I checked with Kwik Trip corporate and I was told they have nothing to do with the change, but they would like to know what is cooking.

And the crew at the Pump and Munch by the TJ Maxx Plaza say they have not been told anything about closing or staying open.

Any ideas out there?


I heard that all would be closing soon. But looks like thats a rumor in the making.

Clerk at the P&M in Country Club Manor told my wife and me about it on Saturday. We're totally bummed out watching it go down this week. Can't help but feel something else is going to go there soon.

Hope springs eternal.

I remember hearing shortly after Conoco pulled out of Minnesota and BP took them over that BP would be closing within a couple of years, too.

Just for the record, nationally branded stations, like Conoco & BP, are owned by individuals, not the company that franchises them. Even if BP pulled out of Minnesota like ConocoPhillips did, the only impact on stations that sold BP-branded fuel would be they'd need to find a new supplier.

BP has retreated from the western part of the state (and the Dakotas) as a result of ending their agreement with Tesoro, who bought the Amoco refinery in Mandan, ND as part a Justice Dept. condition for BP acquiring Amoco.

FWIW, BP's terminal in Spring Valley supplies the area from BP's Whiting, Ind. refinery.

I heard that Kwik Trip, bought the fuel tanks owned by BP and stopped a lot of competition. They did not buy the property, just the fuel tanks

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