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March 02, 2009

Blog anniversary = Networking?

Time flies when you're blogging.

Kiger's Notebook blogo 2x On Wednesday, Kiger's Notebook turns four. That means it is old enough now to really get into trouble. Heh.

The very first post of what is now up to a total of 3,378 posts went up on March 4, 2005.

I have not made plans for anything to acknowledge the day, but I thought maybe some sort of lunch gathering or maybe a Happy Hour on Wednesday might be nice.

Or I'd be willing to host a tour of the spacious Kiger's Notebook complex (Heh) as well as the Post-Bulletin for anybody that is interested. After the extensive tour, we could hang out with all of the media professionals 

Another option, we could skip a celebration as a silent memorial to all of the businesses that have been featured on the blog that have passed on to the Free Market afterlife.
Anyone have  favorite (or least favorite) post, typo, headline or whatever? If so, this is the time to share. Let me know and I'll it with the world.Or at least with the mob that reads this blog.

Any ideas? Feedback? Insults?

Thank you all for reading. This blog is not popular because of me. It is because of everyone out there who give it life and personality.

This is your community. Thank you for letting me be a part of it.


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A free cruise giveaway would be a great way to celebrate 4 years. And, it just so happens I have some free time coming up. Thanks Jeff for keeping us Rochester folks in the loop!

By the looks of the photo, I'm not sure if a tour of the Kiger Komplex wouldn't be in violation of some sort of health code.

Congrats on four years. The Notebook is my favorite part of the non-paper paper.

Thanks Jeff! Without this blog I would have to take out all my snarkyness on friends, family and co-workers. Thanks for providing a constructive outlet!

We could have a virtual get together at one of the virtual eating/drinking establishments in Rochester (White Castle, Chili's, [insert your favorite wish list name here]...), instead of BAH we could call it VAH...

Maybe we can all come and help you clean your desk area :- )

Congratulations on your blog which is a hot bed of information!

Vicki Snyder

thank you for helping us all stay "in the know"... You're the best!

Hey Jeff, Nice Job landing in the Rochester Magazine!

Hey Jeff,

I got a postcard in the mail, Roscoe's North is for sale.

Jeff, What is the best way to get a message to you?

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