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February 02, 2009

Pizza Ranch holds its horses in Byron

Pizza cowboy Monte Beck said he is going to hold his horses for while before he delivers a Pizza Ranch buffet to Byron.


“We’ve put plans for Byron on hold due to the economic situation,” he said.

On hold for how long?

“It is about a year out,” Beck said. “Byron people are going to have to be patient for a while.”

The Pizza Ranch that he opened in Stewartville in 2007 is still cooking, though the recession cooled it a bit.

“It was down in 2008 from 2007,” he said, “But January has been good so far. It seems to be bouncing back some.”


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I've heard rumors, and that may be all that it is, that they were close to closing thier doors and wouldn't make it past the Q1 2009. just rumors i suppose?

I will be going to Cici's here when they open,love Pizza Ranch too but they wont open in Rochester.

It is interesting that they finally said something, since they were going to open 2Q 2008. I see that the Bear's Den in Byron plans on being in new and bigger digs before it is time to hibernate next winter.

As a Byronite I am bummed they won't be opening soon. I love that they make whatever pizza you want and their dessert pizza is yummy. Good news on the Bears Dean. The food is good there and it's a great gathering place for families.

Is the Bear's Den adding on, or moving to a new spot? Any news on this?

What ever happened to the businesses in Stewartville that served alcohol to minors? And wasn't Pizza Ranch one of them? Just wondering what the follow up was on that...

I believe Bear's Den is moving a few blocks to the east, next to Market Place. Maybe they'll invite Jeff over to brief him regarding their plans...

I enjoy Pizza Ranch and have almost always had a good experience there. My family loves the local pizza place, Homestyle Pizza but they are more expensive (gotta get more for your money in this economy) and their staff is so hit or miss. Sometimes we order and get the correct pizza, hot and yummy, other times the employee seems very slow, need to repeat order again and again, only to get the wrong one and it's cold! If you call and talk to the manager, like we tried once- he was the one who took our order!
My parents live in Byron and I know that they were looking forward to Pizza Ranch opening- hope they still do!

Byron DOES really need a pizza joint. The Bear's Den has great food at a great price.

I personally LOVE Pizza Ranch (right down the street from me...that is kind of a bad thing) and their service is amazing almost all the time, the exceptions usually being church crowd and those kid groups getting the tips nights (for obvious reasons...the kids are great and that's a great program but sometimes it's kind of hard to get what you need) and it's very affordable. I would hate to see them go under! Homestyle is one of my least favorite pizzas and WAY too expensive.

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