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January 09, 2009

Fareway Grocery gearing up for Wed. opening

10 a.m. Wednesday.



That's when the doors of the 30,000-square-foot Fareway Economical Food Store will open to the public (ribbon cuttings will happen before that) in Stewartville.

I was over there is afternoon looking around and having a chat with Grocery Manager Paul Schemmel and Meat Manager Darin Lastine.

It has very large produce and meat sections. The aisles are wide and the store layout feels very open.

Expect to have groceries pushed out to you car by clerks and don't expect to shop there on Sundays.That is a day set aside for employees to have with family.

I'll have more in print Monday.


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Yay!!! They have the BEST meat section. And not only do they take the groceries out to your car, they put them IN your car, and then take the cart back inside for you. Fareway rocks!

After more than 2 long years without a grocery store,we are very happy to have one again.Reading other comments on here from people who have shopped at Fareway,I think this store will do great in Stewartville.I have checked their ads frequently on-line and they seem to be right around Hy-Vee prices.Meat prices seem cheaper than Hy-vee's.

I drive to Iowa to hit their meat counter - that's how good they are. They're also less expensive than area Rochester stores (as far as meat is concerned). I, for one, am stoked that they are opening in Stewartville!

Any idea if they'll put their ad in the Tuesday PB along with the rest of the grocery ads? I love Fareway and I'd drive down there to do some shopping.

They are cheaper than Hy-Vee. When living in Iowa, I stopped at HV once to pick up some stuff. Bought all generic (HV brand) and still spent more money than I would have for the brand name stuff at Fareway! Hopefully the prices are still cheaper! They are no frills shopping, for sure, but the quality of the produce and meat (plus getting your stuff carted out for you) makes them my favorite place for groceries!

Went to the new Fareway today and it was great.Store was unbelievably busy!SW Dweller is right.Nearly every item that I saw was equal to or cheaper than Hy-Vee.Alot of the items were also right around the same price as Walmart.One thing they do that I really liked is the price matching.You don't have to bring in several grocery ads like you do at Walmart to get the price matching.They have signs up by the items that are price matched with the other stores ad for that same item on the signs also.I too think that Fareway will attract customers from Rochester and other communities.I over heard more than 1 person say that they are from Rochester.After my experience at Fareway today,I may never shop at Hy-Vee again.

Have shopped at Fareway multiple times and have had VERY positive experiences. Great prices, clean and organized, nice staff, what more could a mom/wife/family chef ask for? =)
Maybe for them to load my car with my groceries- oh yeah, they do that, too!

Reading these comments makes me want to check them out this evening.

I was out today (Saturday) for the first time.
Nice, bright store with friendly staff.
Lots of vegetables and fruit at a good price. Meat counter was excellent.
And they really do push the cart out to the car.
I hope Stewie residents support this store.
It's a real gem.

Been shopping there for the last 3 weeks now. What they lack in selection, they make up in price and service. The meat counter is AWESOME. Produce section excellent.
Definetely cheaper than Hyvee

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