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November 20, 2008

Red Robin + Rochester + ...?

Lately, there seems to be a lot - not as many as the White Castle, Chuck E Cheese, Sonic and Chili's crowds, of course – of commenters cheeping for a Red Robin Gourmet Hamburger place in Rochester.

So I checked in with the company and I quickly got an e-mail in return:

Hi Jeff. Thank you for your interest in Red Robin Gourmet Burgers! I do
not see a Red Robin on the map for Rochester at this time. Please feel
free to keep my email address and email me in the future if you would
like to check in again.

Jamie Minkin
Associate Manager of Communications
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

Not very detailed, but it appears the scarlet bird is not migrating to Rochester anytime soon.

While I'm on a color theme, maybe I should give Ruby Tuesdays a call.


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Maybe we should bombard them with emails telling them to come to Rochester. Maybe that will help get them here. : )

I can teach you how to make a Red Robing Burger:

Step 1. Cook a Hamburger.
Step 2. Put all the fixings on it
Step 3. Add a fried egg on top.
Step 4. Enjoy!

Very simple, I have perfected the recipe at home

Oh no, you mean we won't have another Applebee's/TGI Fridays/Chili's/Ruby Tuesday's clone. I am so disappointed (sarcasm).

Speaking of Sonics, was in Eau Claire this weekend and saw they have a brand new one. Why is it, Eau Claire, La Crosse and St. Cloud seem to beat us at getting these places? Not that I am a fan of chain restaurants, but it's the principle of the thing.

Red Robin is fantastic! It's NOTHING like TGIF/Applebees. It's mostly about the burgers and their tower of onion rings and unlimited french fries.

The burgers are very good and not like something you would get at a fast food place. When's the last time you had a ring of pineapple and terryakyi sauce on a burger? That's a Banzai and it's fan-tastic.

Red Robin, unlike White Castle, does have franchise stores so who knows? Maybe someone that's looking for the next big thing and is reading this blog will take note of this company.

There's a reason that the slogan is "Red Robin! YUM!"

Pineapple on a burger? That's just wrong! My waist line can do without the unlimited baskets o' fries too. And while I am at it, sesame seeds don't belong on a hamburger bun either. Now I am peace.

Meant at peace! Stupid fingers!

Why St. Cloud, La Crosse and Eau Claire? Heres a couple of reasons, St Cloud State, and U of W. Their college towns.

And another reason i think that we don't see these places is that there is no where for them to go. Downtown is pretty much locked. The north Target Complex is locked. The mall is locked, and the south Target complex as far as i can tell either running out of space to put another sizable building, or the available spots are too small.
East Circle Drive is limited build space due to wildlife refuge and West Circle is getting to be filled up as well..
Where would Red Robin etc etc go?

the truth forget one step in the recipe:

Step 5. Keep your cardiologist on speed dial.

(Full disclosure: I love hamburgers, too, even Big Macs. Mmmm, medium rare cheeseburger with juice dripping out the middle and a big stack of greasy onion rings along side. Jimmy Buffet is right, a cheeseburger is paradise.)

Yes JGreg, you are correct. But that is all Red Robin does. There burgers are nothing special. If you want teriyaki on your burger, just buy a bottle.

jsubed -

There's a nice empty restaurant building in the parking lot at Apache just waiting for a tenant.

There's a big empty storefront at the former Rainbow Foods.

There's space to the left of the Cine 14.

There's a dead zone where there was a BK and a Taco Johns on 41st.


Trust me, there's plenty of locations around town. If Texas Roadhouse can move into Miracle Mile....

My family is rooting for a Ruby Tuesday's. My kids love that they don't have to wait a half hour for food there (salad bar) and my husband and I love that our 8 and 3 year olds are eating salads and fruit! We patronize local buisnesses as much as possible but sometimes you just want...RUBY TUESDAY'S! Hmmm, maybe we'll drop the kids off at House of Bounce for Parents Night Out and head up to the Ruby Tuesday's on the south side of the cities....

Ruby Tuesday's is nothing special. Over priced for a typical chain restaraunt.

I'm hoping for a TGI AppleChilie's Ruby Robin Drive-In!

Cook at home.
Get a whole lot more food for the buck, and probably tastes as good or better.

Chris, I don't deny there arent any vacant buildings, but if the old BK on 41st and the old Rainbow were viable options for Red Robin let alone any other business ever discussed here I think they would have been filled by now.
I guess my main point would be this. Are or do any of those vacant buildings fit any of the discussed businesses criteria as to demographics, traffic flow, preferred neighbors etc? I'm guessing not otherwise they would probably be filled.

No place for new business!
This means that no new business will be coming to rahrah.
Guess they'll all have to go to Byron, or Stewieville.

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