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November 10, 2008

Finally... Texas Roadhouse news

Here's the second course of the earlier of "2 restaurant" tease (CiCi's was the first course):

435_Texas Roadhouse 017

It won’t be ready to be served anytime soon, but a deal can be heard sizzling on the grill.

Texas Roadhouse, a family steak-and-ribs restaurant, recently signed a letter of intent to open in the Miracle Mile Shopping Center in southwest Rochester.

Roadhouse spokesman Travis Doster confirmed that the Louisville, Ky.-based company has started the process of possibly opening a restaurant on the south end of the shopping center.

“We really like Rochester and we really that area,” he said. “It has great access.”

The order is in. We’ll see if it makes to the table.


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Great another chain.

This was the place I commented on a couple of weeks ago. I heard from a friend that Johns Tailor Shop has to move to make room for a new Restaurant. I just didn't know which Restaruant was going there.

would they be building where embers used to be? or is there empty space at the ol' MM?

was that groan i just heard from all the chili's lovers? haha

oops. you beat me. :)

I have eaten at the Texas Roadhouse up in Coon Rapids a couple times and thought it was pretty good. I'm excited...although a Chili's would have been preferred.

This is a big thing for Miracle Mile and it's tenants. Good for them!

The St Cloud Outback Steak House is closing, and the rumor up there is the Rochester one will be closing as well. I'd be shocked if this were true as that restaraunt is always busy. Any truth to this?

I like Texas Roadhouse better than Chili's. Never cared for Outback - I wouldn't miss them.

" that restaraunt is always busy."

That somehow never seems to matter. One of my favorite restaurants (ever) closed many years ago and it was always completely packed. Sometimes there was a 2 hour wait on weekend evenings.

I'm not real excited at the prospect of another steak-n-taters chain, but I'm happy about anything that gives Miracle Mile a shot in the arm, which this surely will. If that other restaurant development ever gets built at the old Embers site, that stretch of the frontage road could become quite the Eatery Avenue!

Thanks for this info, Jeff! I've heard a rumor that other restaurants in St. Cloud are closing (Baker's Square, Timberlodge, Famous Dave's), so any restaurant that comes here, chain or not, is good news in my opinion.

If you read closely this isn't a done deal. Personally I think Rochester could use a different venue other than another steakhouse. Is Rochester ever going to get a Chili's? Nah...

Why is everyone so gunhoe
on Chili's anyway. I ate
at one in Texas, and was
not impressed. They have
all the same "bar" food that
every other local place in
Rochester alreday has.

I second that!

Good move, I'm With.

Because as Jim Croce used to say:

"You don't tug on Superman's cape
You don't spit into the wind
You don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger
And you don't mess around with Slim, da, do, da, do..."

We need a uWink:
I went to this in Hollywood and it was so fun and relaxed and very fairly priced. A picture of hoengaarden for 8.50! Hollywood!

hahaha! i meant pitcher...

Jeff, don't start a band quite yet. I'm not sure Rochester's ready for it. Ha,Ha

I'd wish we get Red Robin in town.. Ate at one in the Twin cities. Yumm!

Why not a Don Pablos? We have a couple of Mexican restaurants here in town, but not a single chain and only one that I find that serves "decent" Mexican food...

Carlos O'Kelly's is a chain.

I'd love to see Red Robin too.

If you want real Mexican food try El Carambas! I was very impressed with Texas Roadhouse when we ate there in St Louis.

The last time I ate at El Carambas the young (12-14) kid taking my money and packing my food sneezed into his hand and then packed my food without washing his hands. Ewww! It went in the trash when I got home and I crossed them off my list.

Speaking of mexican food, if we could bring El Chico's up here from down south, I would be in heaven. Now that was Mexican food. I once emailed them but they didn't have any plans to open any restaurants in this area or north of Missouri from what I could see of their current locations.

Mmmm, food from the south. In n Out Burger or El Pollo Loco but I would settle for a Red Robin or Ruby Tuesday's

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