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October 15, 2008

Taco John's on U.S. 52 closing today, moving

Another Mexican fast food place - like Taco Bell on Broadway and Rico Mex - is closing its doors in Rochester today.

In fact, I've now created a new category n the blog - Mexican fast food restaurants closing.

And the latest is Taco John's/ Great Steak Escape spot on 4125 U.S. 52 North by the corpse of the long-dead Burger King and across from Dairy Queen.
However, the closing is not permanent.

The plan, according to Taco John's Area Director Vincent Barry, is to move to a new location.

"It is a positive move for us," he said this a.m.

The where is not yet locked down, but Barry says three or four spots are in the running and it looks like it will probably be in the south part of the Med City.

Look for the re-opening in early 2009.

And if you have a hankering for Potato Ol├ęs, the Seventh St./ 11th Avenue N.W. corner Taco John's/Steak Escape will still be cooking them up.

but if you want to get them at the U.S. 52 frontage spot, you better get over there for lunch today. Sometime after that the doors will close and not open again.


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Windy City ?

I just had lunch at the 7th Street Taco Johns yesterday, and service was not the best. The service at the Frontage Rd location was great. I hope they keep it up in their new location.

I can't blame them for moving. I like their variety, but that location was never full. That frontage road is a terrible road to get back on to from Taco Johns or DQ.

So what's next for that area? You've got one big-box spot open with the old Rainbow, and two restaurant locations just sitting there when Taco Johns closes (plus DQ closed Nov-Feb).

Whats wrong with NW Roch??? is this just a bad spot or what?? great now another empty building sitting for years looking like crap.

Yeah, that frontage road access stank. Wherever they go, this will be a positive move for them.

Hey, I hear there's an old Burger King site available on south Broadway. ;-)

Hate to post twice, but I just had an additional thought. I don't know if the TJ's/BK lots are one unit, but with both buildings sitting empty, that location will now be a lot more attractive to potential developers. Maybe that portion of the frontage road won't stay a ghost town for long.

With the traffic snafu they have there, nobody would want to build there. Cant get in or out of those places.

actually alan, rico mesx has been in that south broadway burger king location for about a year now...

The dead BK on the Frontage Road has nothing to do with Taco Johns next door.

Last night at BAH, I asked Vinny about the BK and the overgrowth. Vinny said he's tried to talk to the owner of the property but is not an easy guy to talk to.

The move south for Taco Johns is a smart one. I'm thinking somewhere in Shopes on Maine would be ideal. There's no competition in the Mexican food market (fast or restaurant) in that area and the traffic flow is high.

As far as the question about the bad spot and that corner, I think that the BK corpse (love that one, Jeff) has dragged that whole area down.

As I have said before in a post on this blog, I have questions about the dead BK property

1) Is the property tax current for the property?

2) Are there laws about upkeep for property with a building on it? If so, can the city condem the property and take it over? I know that has happened in other towns.

3) The asking price for the property in a prior blog post by Jeff was $5 million. This was when there was a auction that happened and then reversed by the owner.

4) Does the property owner really think that they will sell this property at the rate he wants?

I hope they come to the south Target area!!! of course, having the "oles" so close to home may not be a good thing for the figure. ;)

They are closing and moving, but have no destination set yet? This sounds like they are closing and not reopening....what is the advantage of being closed, if not moving the stuff to the new place? Might as well stay open until the new place is ready, and then keep both open, since no one in their right mind would move old tables and chairs into a new location.

(Except for Vintage Light, which is a whole different conversation.)

my boyfriend and i are now jobless because our so called boss felt it wasen't neccisary to give us or any of the other employee's any advance notice about the location closing. it was pretty much like "all right guys turn in your keys, you don't have jobs but good luck"

Hey Jeff, is there anything new on this yet?

Is there still a taco john in town?
Did the one on 7th st close?

I saw the lights on the other night when I went by, but no cars in the lot.

The one on 7th is open. Went there last night. No cars in the lot and one other car in drive-thru. They definitely need that second one to reopen. Food was so greasy last night. I don't remember it being that bad at the 41st location.

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