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October 10, 2008

Hamilton Music = Avalon Music Centre

Remember when Myrna Hamilton decided to retire this spring and sold Rochester landmark, Hamilton Music, to Stephen Lalama of Rochester Pro Music?

Since then "Store Closing Sale" has been painted in bright colors in the windows of the 89-year-old building at the corner of North Broadway and Civic Center Drive.

Those words are now down and a new business name is up - Avalon Music Centre.


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Who would change the name of a well known and established business? I think I'll buy McDonalds but I'll change the name to Sally's Sandwich shop.
I don't understand.

Because this is an entirely new business that happens to also focus on music. The Hamilton family is no longer involved, and you wouldn't want to mislead customers into thinking that this new business offers all the exact same products and services that Hamilton's did.

It's also entirely possible that there were naming rights involved. Say if you owned the Curiosity Shop and sold it to someone else, you might want to retain the right to the name in case you ever wanted to open another shop by that name elsewhere.

The Avalon Music Centre is a tribute to the Avalon Hotel.
Stepping further back into the buildings' history.

But why switch the name to Avalon? Probably because Rochester Pro Music has such a terrible reputation for customer service...

Indeed. Hopefully Customer Service has improved drastically.

I've always received the best customer service, personally, as they service my guitar for free, at every season's change. Very knowledgeable staff

Rochester pro always had terrible customer service but if you want good customer service go to guitar center or just buy online

We would always want to know if our customer service was not the best and why?
On line doesn't provide any walk in customer service.

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