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October 15, 2008

DM&E telephone survey?

Anybody else out there getting survey calls about the DM&E railroad and its impact on Rochester?

Here's some from a note I got from a reader today:

Just something I found kind of interesting. I got a call last night from a survey outfit--KMG?--all about how I felt about DM&E and the impact I felt it might have on Rochester's quality of life.

The uptake is that I got the impression that the survey was commissioned by CP and they're looking for ways to spin the results. It didn't quite qualify as a push-poll, but close. The questions were phrased just curiously enough to feel like they wanted the answers to lean in DM&E's favor.

Questions like, "Do you agree with the statement, 'I trust DM&E's new owner, Canadian-Pacific, to work with the community to address safety concerns more than I did the previous owner.'?"

They also asked about my level of concern (major, minor, not at all) that more high-speed trains will adversely affect the effort to revitalize the downtown business district. But that last part was asked after already asking my level of concern for serious accidents and the impeding of emergency vehicles, making my concern for the business district seem minor in comparison.

I'm interested to hear if anybody else has had a call like this and if they remember the survey company name.

Could be interesting following the recent story about Mayo Clinic mulling a bypass again.


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Jeff, this survey was nearly identical to one done for Mayo Clinic a few years ago. People with Rochester addresses seemed to have been the target then and now. And the company is the one Mayo used then from Princeton. I received a call from someone surveyed last evening. Might be worthwhile to ask Mayo about it. Remember also the property values of many areas have been dropping which may give a wrong impression regarding the question on land values. Years ago a comparision of sales was done during the height of the railroad fuss and the properties along the rail line in Olmsted County were rising, even after some of the hype. In fact, one property sold more than once and each time for a hefty increase. The question needs to be asked of Mayo as to whether this is their survey. They have done 'push/pull' surveys on this issue before.

Could it be Windy City?
Checking out the market for the chilicheeseburger?

I am GETTING SICK of the stupid Windy City comments, Jeff.

Can we try some type of moratorium?

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