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October 17, 2008

Builders' bash @ Warners Stellian

Jeff and Carla Warner of Warner Stellian, along with folks from Cambria and Electrolux, rolled out the brats, the keg, the steaks, the wine and big prizes like a new washer and dryer Thursday night at the Rochester Area Builders Fall Networking Night.

And the crowds rolled in. The economy, politics, housing and hairstyles were hot topics.

I heard managers from two businesses - in different conversations - tell me that they have to tell their staff to stop reading Kiger's Notebook and get back to work.

MESSAGE FOR WORKERS WHO HAVE BEEN TOLD TO NOT LET READING MY BLOG GET IN THE WAY OF WORK - Don't listen to those supervisors! They have no vision. They are not innovators. Keep reading and one day you'll be the managers…Heh.

That's enough of my lobbying. Speaking of which , RAB President Brent Buchan of Energy Products & Design, Inc. gave a good non-partisan political pep talk about how important this election cycle is and encouraging everyone to be informed about the candidates.

And he even encouraged people to check on the Post-Bulletin's online election guide. See, another reason to read the P-B rather than working.

Buchan had a captive (he was standing in front of the door) and interested audience. of course, it was door prizes he was handing out that seemed to put a hush across the place.

Check out the tense faces (expect Mike Pruett, of course) in the crowd as the names were called.

A couple of electric drills that are part of the massive Trading Post tool auction that Grafe Auction is running this weekend were handed out.

Lots of towels (Check out how excited Diane Quinn of Beyond Kitchens was about hers) and coolers with built speakers (?).

Then the big deal - the washer and dryer was won by Jerry Jensen of Superior Plumbing.

All in all, an interesting night.


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Thanks for the informations....nice blog. Fred from Brazil

Jerry will be getting his 1099 in the mail.

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