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October 24, 2008

Avocados World Bistro closed

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Tough economic times have claimed another small Rochester business.

Avocados World Bistro, who was dealt the blow of an eviction notice earlier this month, has closed its doors.

It appears owner David Van Eijl and his investors could not work out a plan to address charges that the restaurant has failed to pay rent and additional charges for June, July, August, September and October totaling $52,922.25, according to court documents.

The closing might have happened Thursday, which was the day of a court hearing about the eviction filed by pproperty owner Inland Real Estate Corp.

While facing terrible situation, the staff at Avocados did take the time to plug other local eateries in their final message. 

Avocados opened at 1190 16th St. S.W. in the Apache Shoppes shopping center in 2007.


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Sorry to hear that David is going through this. We must support our local businesses.

Hate to see them go, food was nice service was fine. . .I think it was a lack of word of mouth that brought 'em down

I also thought the food and service was good.
The parking and location not so good.
I only ate there three times and was satisfied each time.
Eat Local.
Honker, Presto, Salad Bros, Roscoes, Windy City, Michaels, Hunan Express, etc,

Wow, rent must have been incredible there. Dividing that up is 10584.45 per month. How can a restaurant there make enough to cover that. You'd have to be very busy just to break even I would think.

Yeah, the owners would have been wise to lower the rent rather than evict. Now the location will sit empty for months or possibly years because no one can open a new business with the economy as such. That being said, I thought the food at Avocado's was disappointing for the price. I am sorry they couldn't have worked something out.

Wonder what the failure rate for new restaurants is, the number that actually last beyond a year or two seems small. That is, higher end restaurants, fast food and lunch places are a different story. One problem is that the menu didn't change and after eating the one or two offerings that most appealed there was little reason to return. But Roch continues to be a desert for good eating.

that was a good restaurant.....

i saw billboards all over for these guys and their ads were in rochester magazine and the visitor guide. did they not pay these bills too? who else got burned besides the landlord?

Somewhere I read that most restaurants (even if business is grand )only last 5 years if they are lucky. We should then count our lucky stars the local places are doing well at all

These guys worked their butts off and no one even noticed. It's a shame when great adeas fail. Good luck Dave, keep your head up.

I went to the website one day and saw a notice that said that the website guy got stiffed. Hope they all get paid.

I ate there a couple of times, didn't get good service or good food either time. The menu looked very good and the atmosphere was nice though. My wife had the same bad experience as well when she went there with a group of local professional women. I do know people that had good service / food though. The place must have had consistency issues and that'll bring any place down.

Very sorry to see them good, food was good and innovative with an *amazing* beer selection. That said, I'm not too surprised. Menu was too small with not enough "normal" dishes, and every time we ate there service was very very slow. I hope they don't give up and start somewhere else.

As a fellow small business owner I feel for them. It is more challenging to operate a business, especially the way things are going with the economy right now,than most people realize.

Mert, I for one am not surprised Avacado's closed. I had dealings with David, and got a sense for his business acumen. Let's just say, it wasn't meant to be.
Hang in there.

I knew Dave many years ago and I know that he would put his heart and soul into any venture he would attempt. I am sure that the bistros closing could not have been from lack of caring or effort. Just remember that we learn more from our failures than we do our successes. Wonder what the next adventure will be.

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