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September 25, 2008

More on EEOC complaint vs Hobby Lobby

Here's some more on the Hobby Lobby case with comments from the former employee:

A Rochester woman’s complaint of discrimination against her former employer — the craft store Hobby Lobby — is spurring a lawsuit by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

“I never did it for money,” says Julie Tufts of why she filed the complaint in 2006. “I didn’t want any other human being to be treated like this.”

Tufts began working for Hobby Lobby in 2005 as a part-time employee. Tufts, who has been considered disabled since 1996 and had a pancreas transplant in 2003, says she suffered from neuropathy that caused her to have little feeling in her legs.

In the course of climbing up and down ladders at the store, she says she did not realize she had injured her right ankle, tearing the tendons.

That injury caused her doctors to say she could not bear any load on that ankle, she says. That meant using a wheelchair.

Tufts says when she attempted to return to Hobby Lobby in the wheelchair, she was told to come back “when she was healthy.”

“I told them I am healthy. I can work,” Tufts says.

Store management told her that all employees must be able to carry 40 pounds up and down a ladder, she says.

A call to Hobby Lobby’s corporate office for comment on her case was not returned.

Her leg did not heal and she continued to use a wheelchair and continued to return to the store each week to ask to work. Eventually, her trips to the store became monthly.

The answer remained the same, she says: Come back when you are healthy.

After about a year of this, Tufts was officially dismissed from the Hobby Lobby store on April 14, 2006.
She went to an attorney, saying she believed her firing was discrimination. She was told a lawsuit would be long and expensive.

However, the attorney filed her complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

This week — more than a year and a half later — the EEOC filed a lawsuit against Hobby Lobby.


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SO after a year she was still wheelchair bound? Isn't it fair for an employer to have a requirement like that? "able to carry 40 pounds up and down a ladder"

Put her at a cash register. No ladders there and solves the problem.
Interesting this is happening at a Christian owned operation. Their parent company is a HUGE Christian book store company. And if you ever look at their job postings they make a big deal off having every Sunday off. Of course they will work you like a dog the other 6 days...

jsubed, has it occurred to you that perhaps that management in Rochester isn't Christian? First, you atheists will complain if someone hires only Christians, then you'll complain if they hire non-Christians who do some non-Christian things.

If you can't do a job, find another job.
If you are truly disabled, get disability.
Don't try to do a job you say you can't do.

Who said I was an atheist? Not I. Never said that they only hired Christians (That would be open/shut discrimination) not to mention that the local store management was or was not. I was stating that their parent companies main business is Christian book stores.

Clearly Brian is a christian and clearly he is one of those christians that discriminates against all others... like of like the Taliban...

So jsubed, what was the point of your post? Stating the parent company was Christian, and while that may or may not have any influence on the local management, it's still "Interesting"? Seems like you simply wanted to bash Christians. I called you an idiot for it, but the PB removed that part. Perhaps the PB should also remove your baseless bashing.

Ah.... nothing like starting a gray Monday morning with a religious war. Sigh.

The business aspect of this religious discussion has been covered, so let's move along.

Jeff, thank the lord you have shown us the way!!!

Just fyi, Mardels, the "big parent company" was started by a relative of Hobby Lobbys founder, David Green, and they are sister companies with hobby lobby having 20 times more stores and profit and launching 20 years earlier. Just thought I'd clarify that a bit.

Neither Jsubed or jonb has quite gotten their facts straight. Mardel is NOT a "Parent Company" to Hobby Lobby. The "relative" was Green's son. Mardel was founded in 1981, NINE years after Hobby Lobby. They have 32 stores vs Hobby Lobby's 432 stores (so HL has about 13.5 times as many stores). Thought I would clarify all the clarification.

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