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September 08, 2008

Hardcore Computer + "several million" = launch soon

Looking for a gift for that way serious video gamer on your Christmas list?

Here's part of piece that I have about Hardcore Computer Inc. for Tuesday's issue.

Before the holidays hit, Rochester makers of a “cool” computer hope to heat up the market.

090808hardcorecomputerjkHardcore Computer, founded by Chad Attlesey, Daren Klum and Scott Littman, is in the final stages of development, says CEO Al Berning. Hardcore is creating a powerful liquid-cooled desktop computer to better handle the demand of computer games and graphics-intense design.

“When we started, we said our objective was to be on the market by 2008. That has not changed,” says Berning, a well-known local executive who has worked for IBM and helped found Pemstar Electronics. “We’ll be out before the holidays.”

The new computer, designed by Attlesey and Klum, is described as producing a lot more computing power by keeping the machine from heating up. A Hardcore computer will cost between $4,000 to $6,000.

Helping Hardcore with this last push before launching is “several million” from a recent round of private financing, says Berning.


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I wish them luck. Personal opinion, and I hate to be negative, but in todays economy, I do not see this doing that well. I know they may diversify with other items, but if this is their bread and butter, no way.

"and I hate to be negative, but in todays economy, I do not see this doing that well. "

How many of the new Apple Iphones were sold in the first day they were released? I was amazed people would plunk down that kind of money for a cell phone in "this economy", but they did. Either it isn't as bad as we think, or people have set their priorities and decided technology is what they want.

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