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June 19, 2008

City Centre sprouting quickly

City Centre in downtown Rochester is in major growth mode.
The Weis Builders project on the former site of the Rep Theatre at 314 S. Broadway and on top of the current C.O. Brown building in downtown Rochester is really moving along this week.

It seemed like elevators shafts were all that was there for weeks and now - Kaboom - there's a big building of steel framed up. Wild.


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I'm still confused about this one. What is going to happen to the CO Brown building? Are they going to eventually take that one down too once they move to their new location, or are they incorporating the building into the new one?

I dont get it either?

CO Brown is being remodeled and integrated into the new building.

Jeff, it might be your perfect picture taking skills, but the beams in this photo look as if they've been photoshopped


CO Brown I thought was going out to 19th Street NW and CR-22?

CO Brown is moving out to West Circle Drive, but not for a few more months.

the insurance business is moving out there. the old ugly building is being added into the new building and will look better than it ever did. Even when Rodney was there. :)

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