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May 15, 2008

Walls falling at Crossroads/Walgreens - what about O'Reilly's?

Demolition is crunching along at Crossroads Plaza, soon-to-be Walgreens Plaza across from the Olmsted County Fairgrounds, along south Broadway.

My question – and I think the questions other folks have – is when is O'Reilly's Auto Parts store going to close? And is it going to be part of the new incarnation of the Walgreens Plaza?

I have talked to a couple of folks at O'Reilly's corporate office and no answers have come back yet.

I realize they are busy with the Checkers deal and all, but it would be great to fill in those blanks.


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I just had occasion to spend $100+ at OReilly's, fixing up the front of the pickup. So I asked Sam, the feller that wears a lot of necklaces...he said that their lease runs through 2013, and they don't plan to move until they are given the keys to a shiny new building in the same parking lot that they are currently in. Works for me, they have a low price guarantee, are very close to my house and seem to stock the parts I need.

Sounds like Sam is the man that would ultimately make that decision. Don't get me wrong I would much rather shop at
Reilly s than say Checker, but Walgreens has shown the tendancy/ and has the money to make anybody move once they have their lease. I for one have never seen Walgreens sharing their lot space with anyone and I doubt they would do it now.

Jef, I have heard that somebody is moving into the old Gander Mountain, any leads? Like maybe OReillys??

It'd be a great location, but wayyyyy to big for them. Of course, they could bring in more stuff to fill in the space...

Since we are in the area, when will the orange fence at the intersection just north of that corner get removed. Not the most attractive addition to the center. Ray Schmitz

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