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January 24, 2008

White Castle in Roch? Not in 2008

I just did one of my regular checks with the White Castle guys in the Twin Cities.
The word is that there is "no progress happening" on bringing the Castle to Rochester.

I asked if it could still happen in 2008. The answer was "No, not in 2008. Hopefully in 2009."

Sigh… That means I have at least another year (probably more) of writing about White Castle's prospects in Rochester.


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Ohhhhhhhhh no!! *kicking and screaming* I have been waiting so long for White Castles to come to Rochester. More trips to the Twin Cities I guess. I had several people all hopped up about a White Castle in Rochester.


Excellent work Jeff.

What a bummer. White Castle is pretty good to eat sometimes. Good work Jeff on continually following up with them. For some reason I would guess that you'd be calling them to check on this even if you weren't an employee at the newspaper!


Ya know, if some club or group here in Rah Rah-ville wanted to do a fundraiser, going to the Cities and getting sliders en-mase and bringing them back in hot boxes and selling there here would work REAL WELL.

Food for thought
(excuse the bun, I mean pun)

Sounds like a Honker promo...

Sounds like a Honker promo...

Chris, you used to be able to get sliders in grocery stores. I haven't seen them for a while but then I haven't been looking either...

"Have a Slider with Slider"

There you go, Litz. You can use that one free of charge.

Just add this line to all of the promo pieces:

"Slogan Donated by Business Editor Jeff Kiger of the Post-Bulletin."

It doesn't have to in bold or anything. Just something tasteful. Heh.

Hey Jeff,

That'd be the most *runs* ever produced at Mayo Field in one night if they go with your idea.

Pet peeve and/or Kiger: Which of you is responsible for the THINK billboards?

Pet peeve and/or Kiger: Which of you is responsible for the THINK billboards?

hEY Chris,
You have my wheels turning about your fundraiser idea.....Savvy Singles may be able to pull it off? I would donate proceeds to Paws&Claws or something. :)

Trent, when I asked at the branch if I could submit one for the new campaign they said they're all coming from some PR company they hired.

"Sik O'Dis" was my suggestion. (not sure how many of the new signature boards are up yet, I've only seen the one on 52 so far.)

Right now I can just feel my arteries clogging.. Krispy Kreame couldn’t make it here..I am not excited about WC coming anyway, not my flavor of food…. Pure grease…ugh..

White Castle? Really? That's big news here? I guess I'm a snob but I came from a city where there WC's abound and in my 17 years I went ate once at one and after long session on the thrown swore never to return. Can't we in Rochester attract more interesting places besides another franchise? And can't this column spend more time hyping some cool independently owned hot spot in town? Now that would be something worth chatting about.


It is simple.

I try to focus on what people seem to be interested in. I've written a lot about Chester's, Sontes, Prescotts, The Hangar, the Radisson moves, Pizza Man, BB's Pizza and Paradise Pete's.

While those items did spur some reaction, none has ever generated the flood of e-mails, calls and blog comments that White Castle does.

The only thing that ever came close was Krispy Kreme.

I'm not here to create hype about things people are not interested in, I'm just trying to inform people about things they want to know more about.

If you have a particular project you'd like to know more about, just ask.

How about a Porky's Drive-inn YUM YUM I can already taste the onion rings...

I'm all for more local places (see any of my many previous postings about that) but I'd still like to see a White Castle. I only ate there a couple times in college but it was, well, fun! Now if only I could get the group that used to go there back together again from their scattered locations across the US...


I see your point. Just some thoughts though not seeing your previous columns on the subject, I wonder if you've touched on the positive residual effects a White Casual might have on the local economy. The increase in gastrointestinal distress would be good for business at the Mayo, thus perhaps, more job opportunities. Also a run on products such as Pepto-Bismol and Charmin Ultra Soft Tissues would be good for local commerce. After all, they ain't called Sliders for nothing.
Why do I suddenly have an image of Beavis times a dozen or so running around Target with shirts pulled over head>>>?

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