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January 29, 2008

25 car pile-up = Lots of tow truck business

I just got back from a quick (not really) jaunt to the Dover area, where a 25 vehicle pile-up on Interstate 90 overpass over CR 10 created lots of business for tow trucks.
The crash included an ambulance, a garbage truck, many semi trucks and a Mini Cooper.

No serious injuries, amazingly enough.012808dovercrash2jk


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That Mini fared pretty well considering it apparently got schmucked by a semi!

I've been thinking about getting a Mini someday. This picture at least makes me feel a little better about the car! Of course who knows how fast the truck was going when it rammed into it :)

Thats the "before" picture.. the mini was crumpling in anticipation.. Seriously, I hope the driver fared better.

Guys, I don't think the truck in the picture is what hit the car. It's a tow truck.

Taxpayer's probably right about that. Wonder what hit it then? If we find out that the damage was caused by a geo metro then I'll definitely postpone plans to purchase!

Attention drivers: Bridge freezes before road surface. I don't see any signs posted that say that --- but it's a fact.

The MINI in the picture is/was mine. The accident was on I90, not US14. I was traveling about 40-50mph when I got hit by a semi (not the tow truck in the picture) It was a pretty hefty impact, I'm guessing he was going around 70mph.

Surprisingly my laptop, which was in the trunk and although the screen didn't survive, it still boots up!!!

Just for comparison take a look at
I'm definitely happy about my MINI purchase

That's amazing Pete. Glad to hear you're okay too. Definitely want a Mini even more now!

me too!!! mini convertible!

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