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December 24, 2007

Kid-focused store closing =…?

William and TT35 were right. The kid store closing in January is The Disney Store in Rochester's Apache Mall.

Here's what I have on this one:

It is not the typical Disney ending.

The 5,000-square-foot Disney Store is packing up its Ratatouille cookie jars, Hannah Montana body lotion and Grumpy slippers and closing the doors of its Rochester store on Jan. 21.

Media contact Elizabeth Swenson recently confirmed the closing of the Apache Mall store. The Disney Store is owned by Children’s Place Retail Stores.

Swenson did not say why it is closing or how many employees work at the store. When it opened in 1996, it had a staff of about 40.


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I'll call this one right now:

Its gonna become a jewelry store, because thats what the Mall needs is ANOTHER Jeweler...

I can with for an Apple Store, but I don't think Rochester could handle that...

*wish, not with.

Its 8AM on a Monday...

Sounds like I have a case of them...

That totally bites! I LOVE that store. I want to know more, Jeff!!! Are they going to open else where? That really sucks.

You know not every store that closes at the mall is the mall's fault. Like most businesses its a two way street.

How many times has the mall pushed good tenants out to make room for some jewelry store or cell phone shop? Its a joke, when will the Mall realize that it can't always be one sided and to keep good tenants they have to give a little. If Apache mall doesn't make any changes or update its appearance i will put money on them going out of business in 5 years. I'm not saying that general growth properties will go out of business, what I'm saying is that they will close this dated jewelry/cell phone store mall.With increased competition on the south side and with plans for more retail development on the north side their days are numbered!

Stop, Jim, I think I am confused... we have a cell phone shop in the mall?

When did that happen... I know there are the small booths in the corridors between shops, but not an actual store.

Apache Mall needs to being more, non-jewelery stores to the mall. An Apple Store would be nice (and that I think is going there... Look at the location!), or a media store, but if it is another jeweler, I think the mall will lose all relevance and credibility as a shopping center (but then again, imo, it already has!).

I am absolutely crushed! As a HUGE Disney fan my family and I shop there often to get our Disney "fix" in between visits to the real thing in Florida. Now we will have to travel to the cities to get my kids' Halloween costumes and our Disney fix. The Disney Store is often the reason we head to the mall. Guess we don't need to go there as much now. Which means I won't be stopping by the food court, Penney's or other places as often. The mall's loss! And of course my children's as they are as big of Disney fans as I am. I'm not looking forward to telling them:(

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