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November 08, 2007

Game on, Flame on

Game on.

After handing over the necessary money, the Rochester Fire basketball team will play Friday.

Expect a tip-off against the St. Louis Stunners at the Mayo Civic Center, says a Civic Center official.

It came down to the last minute with the financially-troubled American Basketball Association team making the payment at 2 p.m. today, right at the deadline set by the civic center.

Look for more on this story in Friday’s Post-Bulletin.


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Where there's smoke, there's fire. RAH RAH Rochester

No smoking indoors, sorry Fire.

Those are real pun-y

What a joke.

I hope MCC has a good exterminator, 'cause I think they're gonna hear crickets on Friday night.

If people want to see some real action, from athletes that play for the love of the game, and not for money, come check out the MN Ice Hawks on Saturday night at the Rec Center. By the way, the Ice Hawks are a non-profit organization, so all the money taken in at the gate goes towards team expenses, and not some greedy owner.

Maybe the Fire Management should come on down and take notes on how a real team is run.

I'm interested in going to the game. Not sure if my 3 month old daughter can come with me and the missus.

To witness history is neat. Besides, why punish the players? They each paid $100 to tryout and they are the ones that are hurt.

Do I care about SRod? Heck no. But like I said, why punish the players?

I would go if I knew the players would get the money.
I have a feeling that by the time they are supposed to get paid there wouldn't be any money for them.
It's just a shame that these people are able to go all over the country and rip off people, lie, abandon students and bb players, and then just get away with many thousands of dollars.
Where are the "local investors" that leant their names to this outfit?
Where is local, state, and federal law enforcement?
Go see the Ice Hawks, high school or college basketball.
Don't give Rodriguez or Hawkins your money.

Ok, so now the Fire isn't playing the Stunners, but instead is playing the Ripknees. Isn't that the other team Rodriguez and Hawkins are involved in?

This just gets stranger and stranger

so...would this be considered pre season? I mean, how many teams are there? To change the schedule right before a "season"? so if I go, am i going to watch a practice? If I go, will i witness and undeafeated shortened season as the Fire go 1-0? Don Shula would need to comment...

Had a thought.

If there was a game played and then the team went pffth would that satisfy the sponsor contracts and season ticket holders terms so that there would not have to be any returns?

You gotta love it. KAAL is reporting that ABA top brass is estimating that there is an 80% likelihood that the game will take place tonight.

What? Since when do league officials place bets on the likelihood of games taking place? I guess they don't bet on the outcomes of the games but on the chances of the games actually being played! Is that ethical?

This has got to be one (game) and done. The fact the game went from a regular season game against St. Louis to an exhibition game against another team than won't last the season says it all. They'll be out of business 5 minutes after the game is over. With any luck the players can get a check and move on.

Hmm in the sponsor contract clearly states #12. Use of Funds "The use of funds shall be solely for legitimate ABA expenses, receipted reimbursement of ABA expenses, and/or corporation expenses used for ABA purposes. Where did the money go?

The contract also states

#14. Default. "The administrator or Franchise's failure to provide the benefits and services listed herein shall result in a default agreement. Said Purchaser shall retain his legal right of refund no later than March 8, 2008. Failure to refund would result in the Corporate Partner enjoying the right of civil suit against the Franchise and their assigns.

So If I am reading this right. Cynthia claims to have not assumed any debt, however the sponsor contract states otherwise.

I did some digging with the Minnesota Secretary of States office. I found that Rochester Fire is a DBA the owners listed are Concordia Group LLC and S. Anthony Rodriguez. The DBA was filed 3/21/2007 however Concordia Group LLC was filed 4/25/2006 Concordia group has a registered address of 100 Hill Ave N Jasper, MN, 56144 but does not list a registered agent. I did some more digging and found this address is The Concordia Prep School in Jasper, MN.

could this be SRod?

Googled the Phone number and found more:

And I especially like this one: ... apparently, you can get a team in Huron, SD for FREE...!

rodriguez is probably using some of the missing money from the fire to loan out and make himself a profit through that one listing.
And from some of the previous postings and articles it looks like it should be going to pay the with holding taxes from employees that was never sent in.
Where's the IRS when you need them(Never thought I would say that).

No kidding where are the authorities. Is this guy really an Attorney?? I would think the BAR would have a big problem with this. It's obvious this guy is a crook. How many people does he need to scam before he gets arrested. Do you think he will be at the game

The Minnesota Ripknees site now says they will be in the PBL in January instead of the ABA. Supposedly it is a league where they will play overseas in addition to teams in North America... Is this a way for Steve to get out of the country? (sarcasm)
Of course the PBL says nothing about Minnesota, though who knows how often these minor league websites get updated.
What a mess. For exhibition basketball, I'll stick to the Harlem Globetrotters.

I know of a web designer that updates sites ... ;)

re: the craig's list that chad found

that is him. hillarious. that is the best find yet!

Apparently tonights game is Rodriguez versus Rodriguez ... seeing as how he owns the Ripknees and Cynthis Hawkins is his (Jam Entertainment) puppet.

Here is a link that shows his owernship of the Ripknees:

Is this our S-Rod?

here is my gift to you:

Amazing research, Chad and jennebach! What's the deal with the wikipedia site? Nothing there that I can find.

Wikipedia deletion log:
"06:44, 10 November 2007 Mr.Z-man (Talk | contribs) deleted "Steve Rodriguez" ‎ (WP:BLP - overly negative article about a living person)"

The Wiki folk are pretty quick to pull entries that are purely defamatory.

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