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October 11, 2007

Weis' City Centre project downtown

Joe Weis is a busy guy. This morning at the Rochester Downtown Alliance meeting, his ambitous City Centre project, was unveiled.

Here's a little from a story I have on this:

A proposal is on the table to transform a downtown Broadway area in a development with a new three-story commercial building, four-story parking ramp and four stories of apartments overlooking the Zumbro River.

The plan called City Centre was unveiled this morning at the Rochester Downtown Alliance meeting. It calls for demolishing the Rochester Repertory Theatre’s home at 314 S. Broadway to make way for the project.

Developer Joe Weis and his company, Weis Development Corp., are proposing the three-armed project. An estimate of the total price tag is not clear as details of the proposal are not finalized. However, it is safe to say the three elements — housing, parking and new commercial space — would each cost in the “multi-million dollar” range, said Dick Landwehr, director of business development for Weis Development.

While the proposal includes commercial space built in place of the Rep building along South Broadway, the heart of City Centre is an eight-story structure to be built on the current city parking lot beside the Holiday Inn Express and behind the C.O. Brown building.

The top four floors would house apartments and the lower four levels would serve as a city parking ramp. It would connect to the Holiday Inn by a skyway. A possible skyway over Broadway could link it to Hal Henderson’s First Avenue student housing complex.


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wow, that is pretty nice. Now to all of you haters of tearing down old buildings...that old COBrown isn't high on my list of buildings that need to be around forever.

Kudo's to Weis on this project. It would be nice to see more plans than just this one. Jeff, any clue where i can find more info online for this?

Ya, I'm one of those folks that think we should be saving a couple old buildings around Rochester, but the COBrown building certainly isn't one of them. This project does look pretty nice though.

Jeff, on a different note, you wrote in a front page article today "After months of being overshadowed by its overachieving southwest sibling, Rochester's northwest quadrant is preparing to light up a new 30-acre retail and commercial development.".. are you referring to the McDonalds in SW? ;-) The new Lowes and Target are SE...

Didn't Weis announce this a long time ago?

Or was that someone else?

I hope it is not another building with income restrictions. I want to live in a cool downtown building! Lately it seems all developments and current places are for lower income and elderly!

I guess I'm a hater. A hater of the continued defacement of Rochester. Nope, I wouldn't miss the concrete horror the CO Brown building one minute. However, according to the article, that's the one building *not* being torn down. The 1877 building next door (where the Rep Theater lives) is the one coming down.

Now, the Rep building isn't very architecturally interesting, but why the [blankety-blank] would anyone consider the CO Brown building worth rehabbing, and not one of the handful of buildings to date from before the 1883 tornado?

BOOOOO to this!
Pushing the Rep Theatre out of its home is exactly the kind of revitalization this downtown does NOT need. As it stands, Rochester could use more culture and arts and now to put the future of a well-established community theatre in jeopardy is just sickening.

I really hope that the downtown alliance will stick up for the theatre and at very least will help to try to find it a new home. Otherwise, sadly, The Rep would probably do better to move out of the downtown area all together.

Sad, just sad.

Not to keep on ranting, but... You know, I wouldn't care so much if what was replacing the existing buildings was of any aesthetic quality, but those new structures in the graphic are just plain ugly. 75 years from now, no one will be fighting to save these buildings. They are designed for immediate obsolescence.

the building will be torn down, unless they are building walls around it as seen in the picture.

As for the Rep, yes, i do hope to see that they get a new place. I'm sure there are quite a few places in buildins upstais from business' downtown.

and as for the building to be put in its place...thats about as pretty as formed concrete can get...especially if it's like the bio-business center (9 months to complete)

another random thought...where are all the guys and girls that go to Gilligan's going to urinate and puke when their parking lot is gone?

NO Taxpayer money should be used on this project.
If its marketable then Weis would be able to get financing on its merits.

I hate to say this but the new building above has less architectual appeal then a quonset hut. Maybe that's a bit harsh. As said above by Alan "They are designed for immediate obsolescence." I stronly agree. Rochester is losing its history. Can you think of any old, historic, and non-Mayo owned buildings that aren't slated for the wreaking ball? It's a sad story.

"Can you think of any old, historic, and non-Mayo owned buildings that aren't slated for the wreaking ball?" I would add "that are WORTH SAVING?" My answer: no. Most old buildings are just that, old.

Its sure rough, being old.
For a building.
In rahrah.

Hey, the Episcopal church has not been knocked down yet.

StJohns is still there. Lourdes is still there. So far! Heh. Still think that'll be a great place for the U to move into.

The U can't move to Lourdes.
Gus wouldn't let them.
He wants all them millions of dollars to himself.
And apparently has something that will allow him to do it.

bill....typing to yourself again?

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