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October 02, 2007

So long old Fleet Farm gas station

Standing in the rain along the U.S. 63 South frontage road in front of the vacated Mill's Fleet Farm building (I 1002078oldfleetfarmstationjk_2
do have a glamorous job, eh?), I watched a backhoe finish unearthing the last remaining evidence of the Fleet Farm gas station.

Hhhmm… So whatever tenant may come in there, they won't have fuel tanks as a feature.

Drivers, of course, can head on up U.S. 63 to the new Fleet Farm store and go to its gas pumps at the C-store along 48th Street South.


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The good old memories of the old FF gas-mart. You gotta love the 4 cents coupons!!

BTW - there's a price war between the Fleet Farm and Kwik Trip on 48th Street SW. $2.72 a gallon as of today and Kwik Trip does honor competitor coupons...

I've noticed that gas down on this part of town is lower than the S. Broadway area and that's always a day ahead of the N. Broadway area.

Price war? That's all of $0.02 or $0.03 less than all the other stations in town. Wow.

better than nothing WS. plus another .04 off with the coupon.

So ha! thats 6 or 7 cents!


OK, this is something I've never understood. How do you save money by driving to some remote gas station to save a few pennies a gallon? I keep hearing people talk about "I've saved $xyz/gallon by driving to BLAH to fill up".

As for $0.04/off you can get $0.05/off at Super America if you use their card thingies. And you can get something off at HyVee if you use receipts fromt eh store. And there are umpteen other such programs I am sure.

people that drive out of thier way to get gas $.02 cheaper have something wrong with them. Time spent alone isn't worth it.

Unless you are like me, who commutes to work and passes 10 different gas stations along the way that always vary in price.

As near as I can tell, fleet farm has always been more competitive with the stewartville stations than the rochester stations. Kinda makes me glad to live on the south side of town within trivial distance of the store. The new fleet farm gas mart is quite nice in comparison to the old shack.

Anyone know what will replace the old Fleet Farm?

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