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August 20, 2007

Flood + business

Anyone know of businesses that were effected by the weekend flood?

I'd like to talk to businesses that were damaged as well as ones that have been swamped with business, like basement workers, roofers and whatnot.

The DM&E got in the devasted city of Stockton. Here's a pic from the DME Rail group on the bridge. We have our own coming in print.


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Is this post a joke!? I would love to give you a few business names, but the list is too long. Being a reporter for a newspaper, I think you should have the brains to get in your car and drive east where cities were under water. Maybe you should turn on your television set - there are some people out there who are proactive while covering this devastating flood.

I know on Saturday Premier Videos parking lot was flooded and it looked like the store may have been too as the staff was sitting on the counter and the door was barricaded.

Yes Jeff, please only stick to one method of collecting information. And oh yeah, make sure it is the least efficient. We all know that you only want to research stories using one method. I hope you read this when you get back into the office after spending all day trying to track down the business owners that are busy running around trying to get the help and equipment they need to recover from this. Thanks for working hard.


I appreciate the advice. Many times people on the blog have tips that are not visible from the road or available by door knocking.

Just looking to get as many sources as possible.

Thanks for reading.

Jeff is on this side of the flood.

The businesses are on THAT side of the flood.

Kind of hard to drive down the road when it's covered in water.

Jeff is thinking outside the box, asking the loyal readers for people they would recommend and perhaps want some free PR.

Hey, are the busniesses AFFECTED or EFFECTED?

Used to be a difference when I wss in kindergarten.

Well, I can tell you Heritage Manor apartments are flooded. At least one building evuacuated the whole bottom floor as they had so much water. They have about 26-28 apts with water damage. Where are these people supposed to stay with the shelters full? No everyone has family in town they can stay with and friends may not have room either. The apt complex won't even put them up in hotels. How poor is that? Oh wait! That's Paramark Properties - how good of them! ha!

quote: "The apt complex won't even put them up in hotels. How poor is that? Oh wait! That's Paramark Properties - how good of them! ha!"
Its not the apartment owner's fault that the apartments were flooded. Unless it can be shown that it was a negligent act on the part of Paramark or its management team, I don't see why they should be responsible for an act of God.

If my house floods, who is responsible for paying for a hotel room? Me! Or my insurance coverage if I so choose. Renters should carry Rental Insurance, which may or may not cover that type of reimbursements if necessary.

I know the Guest House Inn (formerly Travelodge) had water creeping up to the building in the parking lot. I'm not sure if the water ever got there.

I wonder if you have to pay rent on an apartment you can't live in?

Got to imagine that Paramrk has plenty of empty apts that they could open up for "camping"...Rochester Village used to have lots of empty units all the time. Doubt that has changed much. That'd be good PR. And good customer service.

oh yeah! They want them to continue to pay rent even though they will be out for at least three weeks. Now- who can afford to pay for two places? Renters Insurance doesn't cover it. It's the owners insurance that is to cover it. Renters pays for your personal property. Red Cross? Shelters are full

Jeff, I understand Kasson got hit. Talk to Denise at Country Pleasures. It's a restaurant not the same as Pure Pleasures! haha

If Heritage maintained the property properly it wouldn't flood like it did. The same apartments flood every year. They need to fix that problem. I know where the water was coming in on my building. I saw it running down the interior wall. Yeah, the interior wall. You could hear the water running through the wall.

Tiffany is right. Renter's insurance only covers the personal property. The agent says the property owner's insurance should be providing the rest.

Just wondering:
If the same apts flood every year as stated above shouldn't the city, county or state be checking for violations.
I wouldn't think you could rent out apts that are flooding every year.
Just wondering.

The usual "annual flooding" in Heritage has in the past come from "above" and into the walls, not from underneath. While I lived there they actually did fix the south facing brick facades on several buildings by replacing all the chinking that was crumbling away and letting the wind driven rain right in. It almost completely fixed the flooding in my second floor apt.

And Wow, if I had to suffer through Ken interviewing the same national guardsman one more this morning I probably would have ripped the TV down off the wall and thrown it through the ER waiting room. I'm glad to see Jeff reaching out to all avenues to collect interviews and quotes, it's what makes good journalism.

Well, they should have all the problems fixed if they keep charging everybody different rent. I have heard people on the same floor are charged different amounts. Fans and dehumidifiers work if it stops raining but in the mean time where do you stay? It sure smells in there! Glad I'm not one that was flooded!

i know its the not the apts fault that my apt is flooded but it would be nice if they would do something for those of us who cant stay in our apts. My apt got water damage and it smells so bad I cant stay there. I have asthma as well so as soon as the mildew and everything sets in I wont be able to stay there. I have told management that but so far it doesnt seem they care. Shows what great mangement we got there. No call back from Parkmark either on the flood for the apts. Great Customer service there.

just a note, reporter or not, It may be better to stay away for a few days. It would be nice to see one less gawker is trying to get around road closed signs to get a view of others heartache or "cool and awesome stuff" as some of you would say.

I got home from work and my building smells awful. They did nothing to suck the water out of the lower level apartments. They had someone in yesterday for a couple hours but those guys gave up and said they wouldn't be able to get it done in those conditions. The carpets are still soaked and there are green sheets of paper on the doors of the affected apartments.

No one is getting an answer on when they can move back in or when their apartments will be repaired. No one pays the same amount but I don't mind. I am on the low end of the scale :)

You want a story, Jeff? How many people are displaced and for how long? What is going to be done to alleviate the flooding issues these buildings have had?

O & B downtown's basement flooded. It is where they store inventory. Also there are many homes and businesses that you would not think of that got flooded. You would not even know unless you ask via a blog or something outside the box. For Chad's post, nice thinking. I agree, let the emergency folks and those that live there or are helping go there. Gawkers should just stay away! Nice coverage as well in that special section re: flood. I also watched the twin cities coverage. The local one had nothing until the next night. Not even live warnings the night of. How sad.

Anyone one know where I can get help for my electic bill? Since I was one the apts that got flooded they are running fans and stuff to dry me out. But I can't afford to pay a 100 electic bill. Didn't plan on the flood so didnt budget for a high electic bill.

I have a story on the flood damage at Heritage underway.

28 units damaged in some way with 14 being very bad. Building #4 was hit hardest with 4 inches of water in ground level hallway.

Hopefully I'll be able to answer all of your questions in my article, which should hit print Wednesday.

Where exactly is Heritage?

Its near IBM on the frontage road.

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