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August 28, 2007

Cuisine of India = India Curry

Well, Om Parkash finally confirmed (What Jennebach knew all along) that he is moving Cuisine of India from the former Hardee's site at U.S. 14 and Broadway in Rochester to the former Phnom Pehn restaurant at 1647 S. Broadway.
And he is changing the name to India Curry. A location with higher visibility, easier access and a clear name - it all seems to make sense.

He does not know when he will re-open in the new location, so he does not want to talk about it. However, he did say he hopes to be in there yet this year.


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So is Cusine of India closed?

no, it is open still.

How is "India Curry" any more clear than "Cuisine of India"? Unless he's only selling curry? Which, assuming he's not, makes the name less clear? And how is it higher visibility? They're both on broadway, and of the cross street, 12th street is more busy than 16th street. I think those reasons are just BS, and the true reason for the move and name change is that Cuisine of India has gotten a reputation for bad service, high prices, and mediocre food, and Om Parkash is trying to trick us into losing that repuation.

I liked "Cuisine of India" when it first opened but somewhere along the way it changed and I liked it less each time I stopped in until, well, I stopped. Same thing happened to Bon's.

I'm sure a "fresh start" is part of the new location and name change, but keep in mind that, at the new location, he is ON Broadway, not "just off" Broadway. Also, there are several hotels within walking distance, which would be a great advantage.
Personally, I enjoy the food at Cuisine of India and am looking forward to the "India Curry House" to open.

Taxpayer, if I'm not mistaken, Cuisine of India changed ownership at least once, maybe twice... I suspect that might have been when you noted the change, I know we did.

Could be. I know I was more and more disappointed and just stopped going eventually.

Jeff Kiger: could you check if there has been any owner / cook changes there? Recently it seems the entire staff is new, service has gotten really bad, and the food tastes different.

FWIW, the owner is still the same. I, too, have noticed new wait staff. Can't comment on the service, since I usually go for the Buffet, and I haven't had any issues. Food at the Buffet seems to be tasting the same to me. I think Om, the owner, does a lot of the cooking, but am not sure who else is back there in the kitchen.

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