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July 08, 2007

Phnom Pehn = closed

Phnom Pehn restaurant at 1647 S. Broadway in Rochester is closed, it looks like.'

The phone is disconnected. The chairs are stacked up. A handwritten sign in the window says, "Sorry, we're closed."

Now just a month ago the manager told me no changes were on the way, when I checked out Ryan's earlier tip that this place would be closing.

Hhhmmm... Anyway, this place which served Cambodian (hence the name), Thai and Chinese food opened in August 2004. For oldtimers, this is the former Perkins. The owners were unavailable for comment on Friday, when I was poking around the building.

I did get photos, but I did not get them uploaded before I left town. I'm writing this lakeside in Indiana.


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The rumor I heard was that it is going to be turned into an Indian restaurant. We'll see.


about a month ago, the owner of Cuisine Of India told me he was planning to move into that location. Don't know if that actually went through, though...

Could explain the Paine furniture truck parked next to Cuisine of India for the last few weeks...

Jennebach and Chris,

I spoke to the owner of Cuisine of India on my way to Phnom Pehn and he said "Nothing is happening is happening right now."

How about in the near future?

"Nothing is happening right now."

...OK. Why is there a Paine Furniture truck parked there?

"They went out of business and I bought it."

That's what I know.

The old blockbuster on civic center drive has a sign that says opening Aug 1. International Buffet - Grill, Sushi. Any details?

(Just posting here because it's the most recent restaurant news I found).

sent a email and photo and other info to Jeff a few hours ago.. hope it hits the blog

Jeff reported on the changes in April.

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