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July 23, 2007

Grocery store +…?

A small city near Rochester is getting a grocery store this summer

And it is not Stewartville.

Actually, it is Eyota.

The word is that Bob Vondale and Al Schumann plan to open Bob's Eyota Market this summer.

Watch Tuesday's print edition for a story by Heather Carlson on this.


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Good news for Eyota but how pathetic is that for Stewartville that we still do not have a grocery store?We all can thank the Boyum's for that.Nelson's marketplace would have been great there.Jeff,don't know if you have heard yet but there is talk now of an interested developer building a store where Kountry Friends is now being housed.I'm not sure if the Nelsons would be running that or who it may be but sure hope it goes through this time.

"thanks the Boyums for that"

Seems to me that you can thank all the residents of Stew-ville and Racine and Spring Valley et al for not buying enough stuff from Boyum. He took a huge risk to update the store for you and you ignored it, causing him to lose enough money to finally quit.

He should have never moved out to the north location.Alot of the senior citizens that lived in the apartments and nursing home could walk to the old store.The city was willing to redevelop the downtown area to build him a new store but he decided to move out there.Also,word has it that there was more to do with the closing than just lack of business.The paper does not report everything you know.So don't give us your pity story about poor Boyum.Why on earth would the people of Spring Valley come all the way to Stewartville when they already have a store?

I really do not think that Boyums thought it through completely when they moved that far up on the north end of the town.

The south area of town, or the possibility of buying the strip mall area behind the old market would have made more sense, but that is in the past.

Kudos to Eyota for getting a store.

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