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July 27, 2007

500,000 thank yous

I just want to thank everyone that reads and comments on this blog. It would not be what it is without you.
On Thursday, the number of page views for this blog hit 500,000. It was at 400,000 at the end of May this year. Actually, at the end of May 2006, it was at 100,000.

Number don't really tell the story, but I use them as gauge to track interest.

And they seem to show that this experiment just keeps growing. It is your comments, feedback, tips and criticisms that is feeding that growth. Since this is a collaboration, please keep telling me what you are interested in and what bores you.

I started this thing in March 2004 without any clear goals or expectations. I did know, however, to be successful it had to be truly interactive. But you never know when you send out invitations to a party if anyone will actually show up.

Thanks for showing up.


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We love the blog!
First place to go to get the latest business news (and the reactions are priceless!)
Thanks for the great work!

So Jeff, have you talked to Thinkbank about the rapid influx of commercial business?

Great Blog, i read it every day, I love the updates on everyting happening in the area and the pics, you have such a great job!! keep up the great work!!

You know Jeff...I like to keep you on your toes...but you do a great job...No other media outlet in town does as good a job as you.

Hey Jeff,

I regularly check your site to get to know what's happening in Rochester. I recently moved down here from the Twin Cities and your blog has helped bring me up to speed on Rochester. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

I read your column daily. Since I live in another state, your blog provides me with a better picture of the business activities in Rochester. Thank you for your work and dedication.

Jeff, this blog is the greatest! All my buddies and co-workers now think I have some weird ESP thing going because I know when anything new is opening in town...

Jeff...I even read you before I moved to Minnesota - kinda kept me in touch w/ what was happening in my soon-to-be new home town.

Thank YOU Jeff for keeping this updated. I'm subscribed to this blog via your RSS feed, and yours is the one feed that I always make sure to check. It helps keep me really updated. Thanks again!

I was just commenting the other day, what it would be like to have a job like yours.... to travel around town looking for new/old businesses. Seems like fun. Love the blog; read it all the time. Keep up the good work.
P.S. try to push for more restaurants here... Chili's, Cheesecake Factory. you know good places.
Thanks and congrats!

I come to this blog every day. It's the only place where you will get caught up to speed of the new additions or other news in Rochester. I always find the information insightful and welded with humor. Keep it up! I tell people about this blog all the time.

Thank you all for the kind words and encouragement.

Lando - During a meeting (about blog coverage of business), I was told that Think has hired 5 commercial bankers away from other Rochester institutions. I'll do a formal interview soon and have a followup story on the conversion.

And Lando, please keep prodding me to keep me on my toes. That's a big part of why this blog is working.

Mei - Not sure of how much I can push for anything…but a Cheesecake Factory would be very cool. Calorie Factory would probably be a better name, though. Heh.


I think your blog would be a great place to discuss if you every run into issues about great stories that never go to print because the business is a major advertiser. I know you couldn't go into any details, but has this ever happened to you? How did you deal with it?

So Jeff, they hired 5 commercial bankers but how much business are they doing?

What are they offering?

Good Question,

That is a good question. I've worked at a lot of papers over the years and I've had very minor run-ins with that kind of thing. They have amounted to some extra care being taken with wording.

The bottomline is every editor and publisher I've worked with will OK a story that will annoy an advertiser, if it is big enough.

Where the ink meets the paper, news still trumps money.

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