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April 13, 2007

Kiger's ice cream eating duel

OK, I need some help (Yeah, I realize you all already know that. Heh) Anyway, I'm signed up for a ice cream eating competition at Hy-Vee South for later this month.

Dave Berg of 102.5 The Fox is another of the hapless media folks slated for this battle. Dave is under the mistaken belief that he can beat me in this. He has no idea what he is facing. I'm good with "scoops" and I "dish" the news. It will be no contest.

We are working on bet where the loser (Berg) has to be humiliated in public. Kind of like the Donald Trump/ Vince MacMahon deal.

So I'm looking for suggestions. Please keep it within in reason, but it should be a truly embarrasing spectacle.

Dave and I will consider the suggestions and then make the bet. And yes, no mater if I win or lose, look for photos on here. If you think the Jessica Irhke pic was bad, my guess is that this will top that by a few levels of humilation.


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How about you do a full radio show with him if you lose and if he loses he will have to do blog entries for a day.

Loser has to wear all PINK clothing for one day! Or,Loser has to buy other ice cream of their choice for their home for the official days of summer!

Since Ice cream is cold, loser has to do the polar bear plunge @ next year's winterfest.

What was it a few years ago that Alan Reed lost his bet with? He had to run downtown with smiley face boxer shorts. Then at the end he had to do the macarena! Now that might be a site to see! I vote for Dave!!!

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