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April 27, 2007

Gas station news is ...?

Here's the deal. ConocoPhillips, you know the guys were in Rochester Thursday night talking about the future of energy, are pulling out Rochester and out Minnesota as of Aug. 3.

This includes Conoco, Phillips 66 and the 76 brand.

Use up those coupons and gas cards soon.

The pullout even goes beyond Minnesota. Other states are being abandoned also.

Look for all the details on this the weekend paper.

By the way, Trent said Conoco is going green. He was half right. Conoco is going. Heh.


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This qualifies as news?

Yep - Its news.
Anytime a company pulls out of a state, or region, its news.

This is the second time (at least) that Conoco has done this. My dad lost his job at a Conoco distribution facility in the late 60s/early 70s when Conoco pulled out of MN then.

Are these stations going to close or are they going to get new gas providers?

They'll get new providers or go independent. Conoco owns very few stations nationwide. The ones around here are owned by local operators.

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