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March 29, 2007

More on Floors and Beyond

Couple things on Floors and Beyond, the flooring business that abruptly closed in Rochester:

• As Lando pointed out, the entire comment thread on the Floors discussion was pulled this morning. Unfortunately, I was out of the office this morning when this happened. My bosses, of course, have the power to police comments.

The latest comment included some nasty name-calling. I love the free-wheeling nature of the discussions on here. However, I deem that kind of posting as unacceptable as does the management of the newspaper.

Now, if I had been here, I would have either just pulled that one comment or edited it. And like with the James and Cori comment, I would have just unpublished it. That means it still exists and could be posted again.

Unfortunately, my computer is somehow more powerful than our technical department's computers. No one else can seem to do that. And it is deemed "simpler" to delete all of the comments, not just the offensive one.

Sigh. That's the story behind this one. It seems I should not be out of the office in the mornings.

• Many have asked if any other customers are upset with Floors and Beyond. I got a note from a guy whose homeowners association paid a $1,500 deposit through a bill pay service on 3/12. It was cashed on 3/13. The store closed on march 9, according to owner Chad Tufty. The home owners association is looking into its legal options.


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If people got their stories straight then other people maybe wouldn't get so mad. I know Chad personally he is one of my best friends, and you are writing a lot of things that are untrue about him and his store and things that involve Lynn. I know that you are a newspaper and you need to create drama, but don't run someones reputation into the ground over $300. There are far worse people in this town to pick on, and businesses go under everyday. The article printed in the paper I believe was very unprofessional for the Post Bulletin and was one of the worst that I have ever read. That's all I have to say.


I, again, invite you to tell us what Jeff is so wrong about?

And, it's not just about $300, as Jeff just pointed out in the above posting. I'm sure MANY people are out money. And even if it's "just" $300 ... that $300 is quite a few months savings to some people.

Without bankruptcy laws, many fewer businesses would start up. The laws encourage new ventures, and allow some minimal protection of personal assets if the idea fails. Don't get me wrong -- it is awful for the customers who made deposits or had partially completed work. If they paid for anything using a credit card they might have some recourse.
If the only businesses that people tried were "sure things", we'd have a lot less jobs. I hope the bankruptcy court can help the owner and the jilted customers reach a compromise.

So, what *facts* are wrong in the article? I just read it and I don't see anything scandalous that would ruin someone's reputation.

If he cashed the check 4 days after he "went out of business" then thats fraud.

Nasty comments? since when has the truth about a lying, conieving man been to nasty for the post bulletin? Chad Tufty is a man who not only had problems with us the workers at floors and beyond but serveral different creditors. I for one believe he deserves no simpathy and should be punished to the full extent of the law.

If all this stuff is correct then Chad should be ashamed of himself, as should his parents. They can still love him and hope he straightens up.
You would think that if he was cashing customers checks AFTER he went out of business that the police would be involved.
Are they?

As far as I knew there were no employees working there. And as far as the dates thing, I don't know that those are all completely accurate. I will say that I am also a friend of Chad's and that he has informed me that he is issuing refund checks through his attorney for the two customers but refuses to talk to Kiger any longer as he has twisted his statements that he has made to create this drama that are all enjoying way to much. He lost his home and car to this whole thing, I think he's suffered quite a bit. Enough is enough already.

I'm not seeing anything wrong with article...Rob, can you clarify?

As a close friend of Mr. Tufty's did it occur to you that, that it may make you a little bias. Also there were many people who had helped in the building of that store, who wanted to see it succeed, well we shouldn't have tried if we'd only knew about him.

That I'm not sure of, but I know that he's trying to right the wrongs with the two customers and obviously he wanted it to succeed or he wouldn't have started the store. The market couldn't bear it and he had no choice, that's pretty obvious.

I'd like to see all of you try and build a business from the ground up, in this kind of economy. And I still stand behind the statement that some things that were published are untrue. Yes we are biased being his good friends, but see that's what good friends do, they back each other up. Like George said above, it will all be settled in when he files. So how about enough with the bashing of Chad....don't you people have jobs?

Melissa are you saying that Chad didn't do market analysis before starting? If Onlytile couldn't make it, how did he think he could? Especially since its the same spot.

Well yes it's very true that it's hard to start a business right now especially a flooring store. I however would figure that a man with previous credit and gambling trouble would have enough plain horse sense NOT TO TRY. On another note I know for fact that this was not a cingular incident and has happened repeatedly. People like Mr. Tufty are leeches on Good hard working americans. He wrote a check his ass couldn't cash, and did not have the decency to stick around and deal with the reprocussions.

All i have to say if Kiger is the worst writer the post bulletin has!! Has he ever run a business? Does he know how hard it is to start a new business is Rochester? Does he know anything about business? Kiger needs to take a hike and go back to where ever he came from!!!

I am still waiting to hear from all the "Chad supporters" what is factually wrong in the article. Melissa, you specifically state "some things that were published are untrue". So, what are they?

I agree, if you're so insistant that the story was wrong, correct the false statements.

As for those who are going on and on about how hard it is to start a business - I don't think anyone held a gun to Chad's head to start the business. Going into business is a personal choice that millions of people make. And yes, some (a lot) do fail. But the difference between someone who would get my sympathy and someone who wouldn't is how they act after the fact. If you owe people money, you don't go hide away in a different state. You stand up for what has happened and personally talk to the people affected. And if Chad really cashed a business check after the store had closed, well, it's at that point that I say, yep, I hope he loses everything he has.

OK, it is time to wrap up this discussion.

The business practices of Floors and Beyond are not on trial here. At this point, any dispute is between the customers and the business.

Discussions on here have to stay civil and this one has gone too far.

The story and blog posting contained only points of fact that I have confirmed.

Chad Tufty has my telephone number and I will correct any errors that he points out to me.

Just heard Tufty is filing Chapter 7. He has a court date of Jan9. If you want to be listed you better get ahold of somoene who knows who the attorney is.

I can sure say Chad Tufty did NOT right those people. He has since filed for protection under backrupty? How honest is that?

Most businesses fail within the first two years. I am sure Chad did not go into business with the plan to fail and file bankruptcy. I don’t know Chad, but why would he spend the money to lease a building, put up signs, and hire employees, with the intention to fail. I understand customers and employees lost money, but unfortunately they are not alone. Businesses close every day and file for bankruptcy leaving employees unpaid and without future pensions and customers with worthless gift cards. Why is everyone out to get Chad on this blog? The fact is this is life and you need to do your homework before using or purchasing products/services from businesses.

Wanna know more about Chad? He screwed people here in MN then went to TX and opened a store there and is now filing bankrupty. So what does that tell ya? If he did it here to people he prob. did it there to people too.

From Chad's bio on the Austin (Texas) Unique Flooring by Design web site:

"Chad recently re-located to Texas from Minnesota in the spring of 2007. Chad has been a flooring store owner for the last 4 years, so he is very well versed in operating a successful company."

It sounds like people around here would disagree with that last sentence.

Well said.
I don't get this Chapter 7 stuff. He was going to file bankrupty last year but instead waited a year to rack up more debt. How nice.

Merry Christmas Chad!

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