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January 02, 2007

Kiger's Notebook in 2007

So now it is 2007 and Kiger's Notebook blog has been around for about a year and a half.

Here's a question for my readers:

What can I do for you to make this blog more useful and more interesting?

The truth is I have a blast with this thing and I mostly just write about what interests me in a way that amuses me.

I'll still keep doing that. Heh. However, I'd like to make this blog better for everybody. So please let me know what you'd like to see more of and what you could do without.

The reason this blog works is that it is a conversation. And I want to make sure I'm talking about what you are interested in.

Let me know. And thanks so very much for reading.


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Don't change. Keep doing what you're doing. That's why we come here to read this stuff. I don't think there is any reason to change, unless it's for yourself. The draw of a blog is that we (or I) want to read what you think, in your voice, about what matters to you. The info can be found by driving around town and reading the paper, so that's not the real draw to this blog. Of couse, I don't read all the posts. Only ones that catch my eye.

Hope this helps.

I know *why* you do it, but I guess one thing I'd like to see less of are the teasers. "A local business is expanding, but I won't tell you which one for a week...," etc. One of the great things about blogs is that they're instantly publishable, and waiting to tell us about a news item until your dead-tree edition comes out nullifies that advantage.

Otherwise, it's great! I've been living in the Cities year-round for about four years now, and we just bought a house in Saint Paul, so we'll be here for a lot longer, I presume. Your website is one of my ways of keeping tabs on my hometown, and I appreciate it so much. Thanks, Jeff!

You could put blog comments in an RSS feed à la

I think it would make it much easier to follow input from the Time People of the Year.

Thanks Jeff!

Since you're allowing us to pinpoint topics you're going write on, I'm grabbing the opportunity. Perhaps, you can write on something that tackles on Business franchise. Well, I'm into it at

Thanks Jeff!

I have a wonderful suggestion! Teach your regular bloggers some manners!

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