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November 16, 2006

Pizza Ranch's Stewville plans

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Here an update on Pizza Ranch's plans for Stewartville.

The Hull, Iowa-based Pizza Ranch got a condition use permit (or C.U.P.) Tuesday that OKed plans to build a resturant in the 1600 block of Second Ave. N.W. of Stewartville. That puts it between the Bucknell antique shop and Rochester Medical Corp.

I first reported the Pizza Ranch name back on Oct. 22, when I announced that Seth of Venture Computer Systems had won my name the pizza place guessing game.

This seems to be one of those kind of cultlike places that has ardent fans. Tracy Dixon, the Tracy of Jake & Tracy in the Morning on 102.5 The Fox, was beside herself Wednesday as I talked about it while doing one of my twice monthly appearances on their show.

More than being the first customer, she said, "I want to get a shovel and break ground, I want to help them build it."

Pizza Ranch has 128 restaurants in eight Midwestern states. It has about 28 shops in Minnesota, including one in Owatonna.


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Any Update on This?


I heard a rumor this weekend.

Sounds like Pizza Ranch plans on opening a restaurant in Byron and 2 in Rochester.

I heard the Byron one a while ago, hadn't heard of the Roch plans.

Pizza is OK there, Chicken is pretty good. I am obsessed with their dessert pizza though...

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