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28 June 2016


Mark Bransford

It was an interesting debate, but let me say that I'm also opposed to the height. I want Lux to stick to the DMC and 2nd St guidelines that caps at 6 stories.

The lack of knowledge claimed by Lux on the traffic study confused me.

Here's a quote from a post bulletin article by Jeff Kiger from June 4th that I reread last nighrt after the meeting:

"On the issue of increased traffic due to the parking ramp, Osmundson said his firm recently submitted a traffic study to the city that recommends altering 15th Avenue's route to better control the increased traffic flow to be in tune with a residential neighborhood."

How could Chris Osmundson POSSIBLY know what the submitted study RECOMMENDS if they didn't know the studies results.

They want to play twister with our street to control traffic they KNOW is too much for 15th, and they didn't want to open that can of worms last night.

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