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30 May 2014


Beverly C. Roche- Snow

Jay how could Mr. Springer make such a statement? " He didn't know it was on his facebook or removed when it clearly shows he responded to the statements more than once." Also I am aware that it has only been removed from public view if you are his friend it still can be seen. He owes you, Deb and the Citizens of Wabasha County a public apology that can stand up to a smell test. Not just words.
Beverly Snow


I talked with Springer late Friday afternoon. He said he wasn't aware that the dialogue was posted on his Facebook page until my post, I guess -- also wasn't aware that it had been removed, when I told him that. After some conversation, he apologized.

Bill Oehler

PS: Props to the P-B for the articles on the Wabasha County controversies and personalities; well done.

Bill Oehler

Wow. Are there no adults on the Wabasha County Board?


As of noon, Springer has cleaned up his personal Facebook page...nothing posted since May 10, now. (If you search for the page, he also has a "Commissioner Don Springer" page.)

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